About Us

Our journey started in 1998 when Marius and Sophia received a remarkable gift from the universe.

Marius was retiring because of health reasons and while driving home they discussed looking out for a business that Sophia could run.

They stopped at Welwitchia Country Market for a present for a friend, and while walking into the crystal shop, Sophia overheard the owner telling someone that she wanted to sell the shop. Sophia looked around and said to the Universe; ”really a crystal shop at a fleamarket”? She approached the owner and said that she had heard that she might want to sell the shop, and that she and her husband was just discussing the possibility of buying a business. The owner said, she was not sure if she wants to sell. Sophia said to her, “I am not sure that I want to buy the business, but if the universe keeps on presenting this shop to me I will have to listen”.

A few months later Sophia stopped in at the crystal shop and the owner approached her and said “I am presenting the shop to you today”. Sophia did not know anything about running a business and when she mentioned her uncertainty, a friend said to her “you are not going to do anything, you will open the doors in the morning and the Angels will take care of everything”. And that is how the Mineral Gallery started.

In 2012 we moved to Chameleon village and renamed the shop “Crystal Dreams” as a dedication to the passing away of Marius in 2012. In the last few months before Marius passed away, his daughter Marli on her fathers request officially joined the business as a full time partner.

In 2018 we started looking around for a new premises for the business. We were looking at several possibilities and we asked Marius to show us the way if he could. A few days later a client walked into the shop and said he was a medium and that he had a message for us from Marius. The message was that Marius knows we have 3 options for the shop, “But, we must move the shop to the place where the donkeys are”. We were quite surprised as we had been talking of getting donkeys for our property a few days earlier. We had not told anyone of the donkeys and this message confirmed to us where we should go. So after 18 years we moved the shop to our own property.

A week after the move Marli stopped at a farm near us who had donkeys, and asked the owner if he had any donkeys to sell. He immediately replied yes “I have 2 that is ready”. He asked why we wanted them because he only sells to healing centers and Marli replied we plan on using them as part of our healing sanctuary. A week later the donkeys joined us at Gems for Healing. And now our beautiful babies “fudge” and “chocolate”, ”caramel” and ”miracle” enrich our lives with their presence. Together with the donkeys, we run a cat sanctuary, and have peacocks, geese, chickens, and goats on the property.

Who are we:

Sophia is a qualified Reiki master and life coach. Completed the Melchizedek ambassadors training program, and apply this knowledge to the interaction with visitors. She is a qualified massage therapist, cosmetologist & hair dresser. She paints and also does pottery and other crafts.

Marli has a veterinary Technology degree (BTVET0), is a registered Reiki master (Registered with the RMA – Reiki masters association) who incorporates crystals and Reiki healing in her interaction with animals on a daily basis. She also has a animal communication diploma.

Both Sophia and Marli completed Usui Reiki, Karuna reiki, Ayurvedic reiki, grand master reiki and Seven facet reiki.

Come and walk our labyrinth

As you walk through the labyrinth, it causes energy to move through your chakras in a specific pattern. You start walking in the 3rd chakra, then the 2nd, followed by the 1st, after which you move up into the 4th, 7th, 6th and finally the 5th chakra before you reach the centre. This means you move through the heart from the material world to the spiritual world. The heart forms a bridge between the material and the spiritual world. Walking a labyrinth, or tracing the pattern with your fingers brings a deep sense of peace and harmony. Perhaps it is because you must focus on one step at a time, trusting that the journey will always lead to your Center, even when it appears you are travelling in the opposite direction. By walking the labyrinth, you experience ancient body/mind healing energies. Feelings, sensations, memories, and images often rise to the surface, providing insights to solve problems and resolve issues in your life. Profound relaxation and healing occur while using this sacred geometry tool.

We Have Our Own Medicine Wheel On The Property Which You Can Visit

The Medicine Wheel, representing the many cycles of life, is an ancient symbol that has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. The circle is representative of life’s never ending cycle (birth, death, rebirth) and each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living. The Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial center, like Stonehenge, a place to pray, a place to meditate, a, place to heal, a connection to nature, and a focus for enabling connections with all creation. The movement of the wheel starts in the east, goes to the south, moves through the west and finishes in the north. As you walk around the wheel you identify problems/issue in your life and you work through each of them to heal.

The Cat Sanctuary

The cat sanctuary usually houses around 15 – 18 cats. We are not registered as a NPO. The sanctuary is fully funded from the proceeds of the shop. If you would like to assist with the care of these cats we would appreciate donations of cat food, cat litter, flea medication etc. Most of these cats were saved from terrible living conditions and several suffer from different illnesses and conditions which we treat as holistically as possible. Read more about the cats at the sanctuary at Donate To Cat Sanctuary. If you would like to send any of these items you can send it to our address found on our contact page or if you want to donate money you can do so via our direct link on the website Donate To Cat Sanctuary or via our GoGetFunding campaign at https://gogetfunding.com/help-keep-us-healthy/

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