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Here follows a short guide to the meanings of some of the different products available from us.

Church Holy Anointing oil list 

  1. Prophet’s Holy Oil – The Prophet’s Oil can be used for acts of worship, consecration & dedication, and for the laying on of hands in prayer for healing and deliverance.
  2. The Oil of Prosperity & Money – This is your anointing oil for financial abundance.  Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.
  3. The Oil of David – This is your holy anointing oil for dominion, kingship and victory.
  4. The Oil of Abraham – Holy Anointing oil that fathers, mothers, spiritual fathers, spiritual mothers, and family patriarchs and matriarchs to use for prayer of blessings upon their children.
  5. The Oil of Hannah – This oil is for couples praying for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.  Pregnant women can also use this anointing oil for prayer throughout their pregnancy.
  6. The Oil of Deliverance – This oil is for prayer against all kinds of demonic attacks and evil dreams to bring about total freedom. Remove all evil and negativity.
  7. The Oil of Gilead – This is your anointing oil for the prayer of Divine Healing. God will heal you.  
  8. Consecration oil – This anointing oil is to be reserved for consecration, setting apart of someone or something unto God, for His use and purposes
  9. The Oil of Esther – This anointing oil is for the anointing of favour, influence and power for all women.
  10. Ani Ledodi  Vedodi Li Oil – This anointing oil expresses the infinite love between a man and a woman or between a human being and God.
  11. The oil of Blessing –   God is ready to overwhelm you with more blessings than you could ever imagine so that you’ll always be taken care of in every way and you’ll have more than enough to share.
  12. Angels breath anointing oil – The Lord loves to comfort and protect His children. This scent is representative of the fact that the Lord sends His angels to protect and defend us – to minister to us – that the Lord and His angels are with us… so close we can feel their breath
  13. Aloes anointing oil – Aloes symbolize luck and protection. It is used to ward off evil spirits and fix the spiritual essence of the body. Symbolically, we must endure the discipline of our heavenly Father, which leads us to maturity.
  14. Cinnamon anointing oil – In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pray that wherever this oil is applied, it will bring glory and praise to your name. Amen
  15. Cedarwood anointing oil – In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pray that wherever this oil is applied, it will bring glory and praise to your name. Amen
  16. The oil of healing – This is your anointing oil for the prayer of Divine Healing. God will heal you
  17. Frankincense anointing oil – It is thus seen as a symbol of prayers and offerings that are pleasing to God. When the wise men gave the infant Jesus a gift of frankincense, it symbolized the gift of our devotion to spiritual truth and to the teachings of Jesus Christ
  18. Frankincense & Myrrh anointing oil – Represent His role as Priest and Prophet, signifying all that Messiah would do and continues to do on our behalf. It Speaks of intercession. Use in purification rites.
  19. Myrrh anointing oil –  Use in purification and beautification rites. We are to purify our hearts in preparation for the meeting with our bridegroom JESUS.

Other oils and essences (essences work like a prayer in a bottle)

  1. African ju ju oil  – It can be used in protective workings and to anoint candles for rituals, it can also be worn as a magical fragrance.  It can be used for:  Protection, Success, Psychic Abilities,  Increasing your intuition, Returning Hexes and Uncrossing
  2. Anointing oil – Let this oil be for healing, cleansing and wherever it shall be applied, let the power of the Holy Spirit be experienced to heal, deliver, set free the oppressed, remove all evil and bless this space.
  3. Aura anointing oil / essence – cleanse and protect the aura. Removing all blockages and negativity in and around the aura.
  4. Sage anointing oil / essence – cleanse clear and protect
  5. Holy water essence – bless, anoint, cleanse, clear, consecrate
  6. Palo santo smudge anointing oil – cleanse, clear, protect
  7. Against the evil eye essence – protect you from harm. Deflect curses and hexes sent your way.
  8. Balance Yin & Yang meridian essence: Chi or universal life force energy are conducted through the body in channels which are known as meridians. These meridians channels are very closely associated with the lymphatic system and nerve pathways in the body. Yin areas include: Lungs, spleen, heart, kidney, pericardium, and liver. Yang areas include: Large intestine, stomach, small intestine, bladder, triple warmer, and gall bladder
  9. Reiki anointing oil / essence – use to do on the spot healing
  10. Base/Root chakra anointing oil / essence – This chakra deals with survival instincts, physical energy, vitality and career, finances, home & material security.
  11. Sacral chakra anointing oil / essence – This chakra deals with creativity, intuition, personality, emotions, anger, jealousy, sexual expression, relationships, dualism, overly abundant or lack of sympathy and reflection etc.
  12. Solar chakra anointing oil / essence – Deals with personal power, fulfilment and all inner child issues.
  13. Heart chakra anointing oil / essence – Deals with love, relationships, emotions, universal truths and compassion.
  14. Throat chakra anointing oil / essence – Deals with forgiveness of self and others, releasing emotional trauma, grief, speaking truth, self expression, communication
  15. Third eye chakra anointing oil / essence – Deals with higher intuition, creative visualisation, and the imagination and also psychic awareness.
  16. Crown chakra anointing oil / essence –  Deals with spiritual essences and the higher forces of the universe.   Christ consciousness.
  17. Combined chakra anointing oil / essence – regulate the flow of energy through your whole body. Opening all blocked or restricted chakras to prevent the manifestation of physical diseases in the body. And to heal that which is present.
  18. Rose water: Use as a Toner, Soothe & Moisturize. Discontinue if irritation/sensitivity occurs. Surrounding you with unconditional love.
  19. Witchazel: Use as a astringint, can be used on cuts, bruises,. Discontinue if irritation/sensitivity occurs. Protect against evil & negative influences

Angel oil and Angel essences

  1. Uriel –    “God is light” Brings us wisdom, illuminates our minds, and helps us learn new information. Is a 1st ray of light and works on the base chakra.
  2. Zadkiel – “Righteousness of God” Aid transformation, memory, access angelic guidance, mends relationships. Comfort, prayer, abundance.  Is a 7th ray of light and works with Crown Chakra, 3th Eye Chakra / Brow Chakra
  3. Gabriel – “Messenger of God”  Helps messengers such as writers, teachers. Assist parents. Angel of revelation. Helps understand messages from God. Is a 2nd ray of light and works on the sacral chakra.
  4. Haniel –  “Glory of God”  Helps with clairvoyance, feminine health, love. Self expression. Works with the 3rd eye chakra
  5. Chamuel –  “He who seeks God” Helps to find inner peace, and lost items. Let go of anger & fear. Unconditional love, forgiveness. Is a 3rd ray of light and works with heart chakra
  6. Jophiel –  “Beauty of God” Beautiful thoughts. Heal negativity in all areas of our lives. Overcome addictions. Creativity. Is a 3rd ray of light and works with solar plexus and crown chakra.
  7. Michael –   “He who is like God” Helps to release fear, doubt, clears away negativity. Protects us. Gives courage, strength. Helps with faith. Is a 1st and 5th ray of light. Works with throat and solar plexus chakra.
  8. Metatron –  Helps heal learning disorders, childhood issues, and when you are changing life paths. Spiritual evolution, enlightenment, light body activation and ascension. Works with Soul Star Chakra, Stellar Gateway Chakra
  9. Raphael – “He who heals” Heals all ailments, guides healers and would be healers. Heal animals, the earth, and humans. Bring prosperity. Harmony. Is a 4th ray of light and works with 3rd eye chakra.
  10. Raziel –  “Secrets of God” Heals spiritual and psychic blocks. Opens past life memories. Keeper of mysteries and secrets of life. Patron of astrologers, scientists, clairvoyants. Is a 6th ray of light and works with 3rd eye chakra.
  11. Azrael –  “Whom God helps” He helps and consoles the grieving family members after a loved one has died. He also comforts the person who is dying and also assists that person to cross over to Heaven.
  12. Sandalphon – He was the prophet Elijah, who ascended into an Archangel. Sandalphon’s chief role is to carry human prayers to God so they may be answered. Heals aggressive tendencies. Assist musicians, who work with healing music.
  13. Ariel – “Lioness of God” Ariel is involved with healing and protecting nature, including animals, fish and birds. She also helps provide for our physical needs such as shelter, money & supplies. Helps with nature related careers.
  14. Jeremiel – “Mercy of God”  He’s able to help us make life changes, making us stronger and lead us to the right path. Deals with emotions. He helps with clairvoyance and prophetic visions, and helps interpret psychic dreams
  15. Raguel – “Friend of God”  Helps to resolve arguments, helps with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families. Raguel defends the unfairly treated, and provides support with mediation of disputes. Brings justice & fairness

Magic anointing oils list 

  1. Full Moon Magic Oil – Use if you are doing a ritual to celebrate the full moon and to help you get attuned with the moon’s lunar energies. It is necessary that you anoint the person’s body before the Esbat to ensure that he or she absorbs the lunar energy.
  2. Black Cat Magic Oil – Use Black Cat Oil as an anointing oil to boost witchy powers and slip away from bad luck. Invisibility, enthrallment, clairvoyance, charisma—all of these fall into the domain of Black Cat magick. Work Black Cat Oil spells during the waning or dark moon.
  3. Bast Magic Oil – Use to connect with Bast. Relates to the Goddess of animals, childbirth, dance, fertility, fire, happiness, intuition, joy, marriage, music, pleasure, sex and the Sun.
  4. Divination & Astral Travel Magic Oil – Can be added to the bath, used to anoint divination tools, or put on the pulse points to enhance psychic abilities. Anoint the stomach, wrists, back of the neck and forehead to astral travel. Lie down and visualize yourself astrally projecting.
  5. Healing, Energy, Courage Magic Oil – Use this oil to speed up healing in all areas of your life. Overcome illness, recover from illness. Wear when feeling depleted, when ill, or just to strengthen your own energy reserves. Especially useful after heavy magickal ritual to recharge your bodily batteries. Use to draw courage in all situations. Anoint pulse points or use in bath.
  6. Come to me Magic Oil – Draw love, success, abundance, healing.
  7. Sleep & Prophetic Dreams Magic Oil – Use before sleep and to inspire prophetic dreams. Anoint pulse points or use in spells.
  8. Initiation & Sabbat Magic Oil – Use this oil for all initiation rituals. Wear to wiccan Sabbat rituals and meetings to protect you, enhance your power and increase your intuition
  9. Ju Ju Magic Oil – It can be used in protective workings and to anoint candles for rituals, it can also be worn as a magical fragrance. It can be used for: Protection, Success, Psychic Abilities,  Increasing your intuition, Returning Hexes and Uncrossing
  10. Goddess Magic Oil – Use this oil to connect to the divine Goddess. Anoint pulse points, candles, altar or carry with you.
  11. Hecate & New Moon Magic Oil – Wear during rituals of defensive magic. Also wear during the Waning Moon in honor of Hecate, Goddess of the Fading Crescent.
  12. Protection Magic Oil – Use to protect you in daily life and when doing rituals.
  13. Fast money Magic Oil – Fast Money oil is a money drawing oil for times when you need money quickly. Some people overuse it, but it should be saved for emergencies.
  14. Uncrossing & banishing Magic Oil – Remove crossed conditions, negative energy and curses. Reverse harmful spells that may have been put on you. Get rid of malevolent spirits or unwanted energies. Can take harmful energy and send it right back to people who have intentions that are not positive in nature. Serves as a protective shield.
  15. Anointing Magic Oil – Use for Blessing, trust, friendship, silence, harmony, peace, power, protection. Used for initiations, dedications, coven rituals. Anoint altars. Call Deities.
  16. Altar Magic oil: Anoint altar and prayer corners. Call deities.
  17. Attraction & love Magic Oil – Attract love, self love, friendship, peace, harmony and trust. Anoint yourself or place in bath.
  18. Prosperity Magic Oil – Anoint candles, money, yourself etc to bring prosperity, success, abundance.
  19. Blessing Magic Oil – Anoint candles, money, yourself etc to bring blessings to your life.
  20. Open doors magic oil – Open doors magic anointing oil is used to create new opportunities and open new doors. Ideal for any situation. Particularly if you feel you are stuck, or blocked, and being challenged. Or you are unsure as to what you need to do next. Used to clear away obstacles and also change bad luck to good luck. If you are looking for a new love, new job or simply want a new beginning. Help to create the perfect environment to facilitate change.
  21. Ancestor Magic anointing oil – used to connect with your roots and renew your relationship with those who came before you. The Connect With Ancestors Oil is perfect for anyone seeking a stronger connection with their ancestors. Whether you want to move through generational trauma or build roots for your own family, this oil will help enhance your connection and spell work. This oil is specially formulated to open the connection between you and your ancestors, so you can receive their guidance and strength. By using this oil in your spells and rituals, you can create a powerful link to the generations that have come before you.
  22. Cleanse, clear, protect magic anointing oil – Remove crossed conditions, negative energy and curses. Get rid of malevolent spirits or unwanted energies. Protect.
  23. Money oil set (3 bottles) – Use Money Drawing Oil for seeking financial abundance and security. King Midas Oil can multiply your finances and create abundant riches. It’s great to use when starting new ventures or wish to increase your cash flow. Wealthy Way Oil was developed to help manifest all of your prosperity, money, success and business growth intentions.

Ascended masters essences

  1. El Morya & Melchizedek – Power, will, drive, confidence and strength. Divine Will of God. Freedom, forgiveness, and creativity, the science of alchemy & transmutation. Rulers, executives, public servants, the military, sports people and those who are commanders.
  2. Ishtar & Aphrodite –  Child conception, parenting, Compassion, Healing, Gentleness, Love, Protection against lower energies, Sexuality, Commitment, engagements and marriage  Femininity, greacefulness,  beauty and attraction
  3. Abundantria & Ganesh –  Abundance, attracting all types of abundance Financial investments (guidance and protection) Good fortune, protection of valuables.  Clearing obstacles and unexpected challenges.
  4. Forseti & Saint Germain –  Peacemaker. Arguments, resolving, Fairness, Legal matters, resolving Peace, Protection-especially legal in nature, Truth issues.  freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy & transmutation. Gifts of prophecy and the working of miracles
  5. Matreya & Sanat Kumara – Brings joy, laughter, lovingness & global and personal peace. Ridding people & the earth of negative entities & lower energies. Assists with space clearing, fatigue, overcoming ego, spirit releasement, spiritual knowledge & enlightenment.
  6. Quan Yin & Devi –  Releasing and detoxification from addictions, finding more joy in life and career. Purification of body and mind, all aspects of relationships. Fertility, and birth, and healing.
  7. Kuthumi & Serapis Bey –  Divine love, wisdom, truth, understanding, perfection, focus, beauty and independence.   Teachers, students, architect, ambassador, artistic people, musicians, peacemakers, philosophers & metaphysicians. Helps with personal initiations.  

Egypthian deities essence

  1. Anubis – This fragrance aids connection to Anubis, who is symbolized by the Jackal. Patron of lost souls, including orphans, and the patron of the funeral rites. A friend and trusted adviser, Anubis is a shining light on the pathway of spiritual enlightenment
  2. Hathor – This fragrance aids connection to Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, music and dancing. Protect pregnant woman. Brings love, happiness, joy, prosperity and protection.
  3. Horus – This fragrance aids connection to Horus the celestial God who reigns over the sky and stars and is represented as a falcon. Horus represents courage, healing, strength of conviction and the state of perfection through the act of making one whole.
  4. Isis – This fragrance aids connection to Isis, Egyptian Moon Goddess, who embodies femininity, healing, magic and power. Call upon Isis to assist with divine magic, feminine beauty and self-esteem.
  5. Maat – This fragrance aids connection to Maat the ancient Egyptian Goddess who regulated the stars, seasons and actions of mortals. She represents balance, justice, law, morality and truth.
  6. Osiris – This fragrance aids connection to Osiris, supreme god and judge of the dead, who is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. Osiris provides fertility and prosperity to the living.
  7. Bastet – This fragrance aids connection to Bastet (or Baast), the ancient Egyptian feline and fire Goddess represented as a woman with the head of a cat. Her docile self is protector of the home, children, women and domestic cats.
  8. Sekhmet – This fragrance aids connection to Sekhmet, solar goddess representing the scorching, destructive heat of the sun. Patron of Physicians and Healers. Linked to Kundalini and the unleashing of feminine sexuality
  9. Ra – This fragrance aid connection to Ra, who is a creator God. Assists with magick, prosperity, rituals, spells, sun magic. Creation.
  10. Thoth – This fragrance aid connection to Thoth who is God of astrology. Assists with books, creativity, divination, fate, healing, invention, learning, rituals, tarot, peace, moon magic, justice, judgement

Planetary essences

  1. Planet Jupiter: This fragrance aid connection to planet Jupiter. Assist with abundance, business, expansion, fame, gambling, greed, growth, honor, leadership, money, parties, politics, power, responsibility, royalty, success, visions, wealth and prosperity. Works best on Thursday.
  2. Planet Mars: This fragrance aid connection to planet Mars. Assist with courage, physical strength, revenge, military honours, and surgery, breaking of negative spells, dynamic energy, matrimony, war, enemies, prison, hunting, politics, contests, protection, victory, & athletics. Works best on Tuesday.
  3. Planet Mercury: This fragrance aid connection to planet Mercury. Assist with business, buying and selling, cleverness, communication, contracts, creativity, information, intellect, memory, science, wisdom, and writing. Good for assisting with luck.  Works best on Wednesday.
  4. Planet Saturn: This fragrance aid connection to planet Saturn. Assist with astral plane, banks, binding, buildings, death, debts, discipline, history, institutions, karmic debts, knowledge, limitations, longevity, magickal knowledge, obstacles, real estate, sacred wisdom, structures, time. Works best on Saturday.
  5. Moon: This fragrance aid connection to the Moon. Assist with astral travel, birth, children, clairvoyance, dreams, emotions, fertility, home, imagination, inspiration, intuition, reincarnation, secrets, sleep, women’s mysteries, fairy magic & Goddess rituals. Works best on Mondays.
  6. Sun: This fragrance aid connection to the Sun. Assist with change, advancement, creativity, ego, fame, favour, friendship, growth, health, honor, hope, joy, leadership, life-energy, light, monetary gain, personal fulfilment, power, pride, promotion, self-confidence, success, superiors, vitality. God rituals. Works best on Sunday.
  7. Planet venus: This fragrance aid connection to planet Venus. Assists with arts, attraction, beauty, female sexuality, friendship, marriage, romance,  harmony, love, luxury, music, pleasure, scent, sensuality, social affairs. Works best on Friday.
  8. Planet earth: This fragrance aid connection to planet Earth. Assists with Money, prosperity, manifestation, healing, fertility, stability, grounding, employment. The Earth is receptacle of all celestial rays and influences and in it are the seeds of all things. It is the first fountain from whence all things spring; it is the centre, foundation and mother of all things. 

Godesses / Gods essences

  1. Mother Earth Goddess: The Mother Goddess is the embodiment of the divine feminine.  She is Mother Nature, the Earth. She is fertility and the turning of the seasons. She is the cycle of birth, life, death, and regeneration.
  2. Triple moon Goddess: The triple moon is the symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone stage according to phases of the moon. It is also strengthens and supports feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. If you bear the symbol of the triple moon goddess, you are in essence, inviting the energy of the Mother Goddess – in every stage of her life – into your life and sharpening your psychic abilities.
  3. Maiden Goddess: The Maiden stage is associated with the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, as the moon grows from dark to full, making it the perfect time to do spellwork related to new beginnings, creativity, intelligence, passion, and growth.
  4. Mother Goddess: The Mother stage is associated with the full moon, making this the perfect time for spells of advancing, moving forward, fertility, success, prosperity and fulfilment. This is the stage of becoming consumed with the birthing of something bigger that was previously thought possible.
  5. Crone Goddess: The Crone stage is associated with the waning moon and the chill of winter – the dying of the earth, making it the perfect time for spells of wisdom, guidance, patience, banishings, and endings.
  6. Green Man Celtic God: The God of the Wicca is the Horned God, the ancient God of Fertility: the God of forest, flock, and field and also of the hunt. He is Lord of Life, and the Giver of Life, yet He is also Lord of Death and Resurrection.

Flower essences (Flower essences help resolve emotional based health issues)

  1. Bulbine – Health and healing. Heart chakra.
  2. Hibiscus – Energizes first and second chakras, undoing blockages in lower back and spine. Aids relationships
  3. Red sage – Protect, bless, wisdom, intuition, divine inspiration. Remove negativity.
  4. White rose – Youthfulness, innocence, young love, and loyalty. Change, transformation, spiritual growth, and evolution. Intuition.
  5. Strelitzia – Thoughtfulness, joy, freedom, beauty, immortality.
  6. Black eye Susan – Release old habits, and negative patterns, protection, strength. Connect with solar plexus chakra
  7. Basil – Integration of sexuality and spirituality into a sacred wholeness.
  8. Calendula – Relationships, love, speak your truth. Communicate feelings. Second chakra issues.
  9. Bougainvillea – Adapt to all circumstances in life with joy. Passion, live life.
  10. Wild garlic – Protect aura, protect against negativity, fear, danger, vampirism.

Spirit Magical waters essences

  1. Marie Laveau: Used for: Attracting all kinds of Blessings. Banishing negativity. Cleansing and protecting your Aura. Help you achieve a greater Spiritual Awareness. Makes you More Magical in General.
  2. Peace water: Used to bring peace to an environment as well as to prevent negative people and/or entities from entering the household. It may be sprinkled in the four corners of a room, or the four corners of a property.
  3. Bay rum water: Used for gambling, luck, healing & cleansing spells with the fire element. Enhance divination skills. Can be placed in baths for personal cleansing, used as offerings to spirits, or placed on the tip of a broom which is used to sweep a carpet to cleanse it of evil messes.
  4. Spirit water: Used to summon the dead and work with ancestral spirits. Spray about the ritual space. Place it on the altar to call in ancestral spirits, to perform séances or other necromantic spells.  
  5. Blue water: Used to rid a person or place of negative energy, hexes, and crossed-conditions. Add to spiritual bath, or to scrub waters, or you can leave it sitting out in a clear glass somewhere in the home.
  6. Angel water: Used to scent altar, candle, and sacred space when working with angelic energies (also called Portugal Water). Also used to attract love from the opposite sex. Use with white candle to call angels or bring peace. Use with pink candle to call romance or friendship.
  7. Fetch em water: To bring in business, or to rent out a home. Sprinkle on floor and on sidewalk in front of business or home.
  8. Four thieves vinegar: Used by witches, magicians, & hoodoo practitioners for personal protection against psychic attack & to banish an enemy from their surroundings. Sprinkling it across the doorsteps of the troublesome person to banish them or simply to stop them from causing problems.
  9. Florida water: Used for: Use it to dress candles for magical spells and rituals for Protection, Communication with Spirits, Cleansing and Breaking Hexes and to remove malevolent magic. Cleansing and protecting your Aura, home, etc. Use as a thank you gift to the Spirit(s)/God(s) you are working with
  10. Glory water: To draw prosperity and ease financial crisis can also be used to remove “bad vibes” and bless your home. Glory Water is used in spells for success, victory and removing negativity.
  11. Gypsy water: Create sacred spaces. Used as a cure all. Bless objects. Consecrate altars.
  12. Iron water: Used for protection. Sprinkle around the house to keep evil away.
  13. Three kings: Rubbed on candles in certain magical operations in which the power of the magi or Tres Reyes Magos is desired when working with angelic spirits. Three Kings Oil is used in magic involving wisdom, truth, and honesty
  14. Kananga water: Used for psychic work, purification, and working with the dead. It is also used in luck and prosperity workings as well as invocations of deity. Hang a horseshoe over your door and sprinkle it with Kananga Water to invite prosperity into your home.
  15. Hoyts cologne: To bring in luck for gambling, lottery, and card games, or other games of chance. Sprinkle or spray the cologne water on your hands before gambling, or anoint a lottery card or playing cards with it.
  16. Protective war water: Can be sprinkled on your own property to defend against enemies.
  17. Malevolant war water: Used to bring about disruption in a household by forcing its inhabitants to fuss and fight with one another. Keep enemies busy with their own problems.
  18. Spirit of rosemary water: If you are a woman in need of help with your own sense of empowerment this is the water for you; it is believed to aid women with issues of empowerment. You can wear it as cologne or spray it around the room like an air freshener.
  19. Tar water: Used to remove psychic sludge from one’s life. Sprinkle around the house.
  20. Hecate water: Used for banishing negativity during the dark moon. Connect with Hecate. Works well at crossroads.
  21. Notre dame water: Good for spells invoking goddesses, including Mother Mary, happy home spells, cleansing spells, spells to summon spirits, and uncrossing/hex-breaking.
  22. Black aqua negra:  Destroys all evil around you. Makes the devil run! Protective and jinx removing effects.
  23. All saints water: Bring blessings and success. It is used for petitioning the saints in heaven. It can also be used on the Feast of All Saints, November 1.
  24. Pollution water: This is used for banishing unwanted people and/or spirits.  Sprinkle around the house in the four corners, or across the path of a person you want to leave.  In some cases if you can sprinkle it on the person, make it look like and accident.

Magical Salt meaning

  1. Red salt: Love, romance, passion, lust for life, sex drive
  2. Orange: Love, good fortune, divination, balance, healing, psychic awareness, money
  3. Yellow: Prosperity, concentration, fertility, communication, changes, clairvoyance, wisdom, art, travelling
  4. Green: Abundance, luck, prosperity, money
  5. Blue: Protection against evil eye, healing, legal issues
  6. Purple: Spiritual work, dream recall, mind, psychic abilities
  7. Pink: protect, clearing, purification, cleansing, represent earth & universe
  8. Black: Protection, remove spells & hexes, banish evil, remove negativity, deflect gossip & bullies.
  9. Thokoloshe: Protection, remove spells & hexes, banish evil, remove negativity, deflect gossips & bullies
  10. Hot foot powder salt: Remove evil, “makes the devil run”, protect
  11. Bathing: Cleanse before rituals, or after. Helps to aid peaceful sleep
  12. Aura salt: Cleanse, clear and protect the aura
  13. House/Business clearing: Cleare spaces, remove negativity, protection
  14. Floral: Love, sensuality, money, meditation, prophetic dreams, harmony, peace, happiness
  15. Herbal: Purification, protective & cleansing
  16. Passion flower: Peace, sleep, friendship. Bring calmness
  17. Sweet orange: Love, good fortune, divination, balance, healing, psychic awareness, money
  18. Calendula: Dreams, Money, admiration, respect, psychic powers
  19. Lavender: clearing spaces, remove negativity, protection
  20. Rose: Remove heartache from past relationships or lost lover
  21. Jasmine: Love, sensuality, money, meditation, prophetic dreams, harmony, peace, happiness
  22. Lemon verbena: Purification, love, protective & cleansing
  23. Bergamot: Prosperity, protection, luck. Psychic & prophetic dreams
  24. Juniper: Love, health, protection, anti-theft and exorcism
  25. Lemon balm/ Melissa: Past lives, regression, balance karma, spiritual growth
  26. Peppermint: Psychic abilities, scrying, tarot reading, cleanse, protect, money, changes
  27. Rosemary: Banishing, healing, love, protection, dreams, visions, divination, smudging, protect from nighmares
  28. Ylang ylang: Lust, love, peace, sex, bedroom magic
  29. Patchouli: Prosperity, manifesting, attraction, wishes, lust,protection, releasing
  30. Aniseed: Astral travel, protect, dreams, crystal gazing, psychic abilities
  31. Fennel: Protect, healing, purification, remove hexes
  32. Against the evil eye: protect against gossip, evil, curses and hexes, negativity, “evil eye”
  33. Grief & Ancestral Healing Bath Salt 200g. Immerse yourself in the mourning process to purify energies and emotions surrounding the death of a loved one, or throughout the course of ancestral healing. Recommended as a primer for those with complicated family histories who are working their way toward ancestral work, or before ancestral operations, especially on the New Moon.
  34. Bougainvillea & Rose Bath Salt (200gr). Psychic and physical protection. Love, fertility, joy and finally marriage
  35. Lavender & Rosemary Magic Bath Salt (200gr). Psychic ability, spiritual cleansing, protection, sleep, dreams, prosperity

Chakra Salt Meaning

  1. Base/Red chakra:  This chakra deals with basic life force needs like survival, physical energy, support systems, finances, home, career and vitality. Money issues. Helps to access past life talents.
  2. Sacral/orange chakra: Pleasures in life. Deals with emotions, sensations, creativity, personality, intuition, anger, jealousy, sexual expression, dualism, relationships, lack of sympathy, or being overly abundant. Assists with communication on the astral plane.
  3. Solar plexus/yellow chakra: Deals with emotions, personal power, purpose, ego, fulfilment, childhood issues, and creativity. Depression, anxiety, relationships with others, ego, self awareness. Assists with clairsentience, psychic abilities and rational thought.
  4. Heart/green chakra:  This chakra deals with empathy, emotions, forgiveness, love, friendship, relationships, universal truths and compassion towards self and others. Childhood diseases comes from here. 
  5. Throat/light blue chakra:  deals with choices, forgiveness of self and others, speaking the truth, releasing old hurts, self expression, communication, and acceptance of freedom. Links with clairaudience, abundance, manifestation and telepathy
  6. 3rd eye/dark blue chakra:  connects with clairvoyance, telepathic energy, and the consciousness awareness centre. Healers must be balanced in this area.
  7. Crown/purple chakra: past life recall, psychic abilities, dreams, prophetic visions, connect to God

Spell Bottle/Jar

Works like a prayer in a bottle. Already activated and ready for use.

  1. Love, Fertility, Marriage Spell Bottle/Jar: Help with love, soulmates, friendship, contentment, forgiveness, peace, happiness, joy, family. Fertility, conception, pregnancy, passion. Marriage.
  2. House blessing & peace spell bottle. Helps with happy, blessed homes, blessings. Repel negativity, protects the home. Helps with peace, contentment, blessings, happiness, joy.
  3. Protect & Hex Breaking spell bottle. Helps with peace, protection against negativity, ill wishes, intruders, gossip. Helps with removing jinxes and curses. Protects against the evil eye, malicious rumours. Remove negativity.
  4. Career spell bottle. Helps with careers, interviews, studies, bringing work, bringing business, exams, career choices.
  5. Draw customers spell bottle. Helps with careers, bringing work, bringing business, money, success, fortune.
  6. Dreams and psychic abilities spell bottle. Helps with dream interpretation, psychic dreams, past lives, psychic abilities, protection.
  7. Health spell bottle. Helps with health, healing, recovering from illness, emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual healing.
  8. Luck spell bottle. Helps with luck, fortune, blessings, success, gambling.
  9. Money spell bottle. Helps with abundance, fortune, blessings, success, business.

Magic Uses of Herbs

  1. African potato  (Healing, connect with African heritage, protection)
  2. Agrimony (Protection, Sleep, reverse spells, healing, Banish negative energies)
  3. Alfalfa (Money drawing, protect against financial misfortune)
  4. Allspice (Catalyst, prosperity, courage, healing, luck, determination, magical power, energy, strength)
  5. Aloe Vera (Protection, Luck, healing, remove evil and negativity)
  6. Angelica root (Protection, healing, visions, remove curses, connect with Angels)
  7. Aniseed (Protection, youth, purification, meditation, dreams)
  8. Arnica (Summer solstice, protection, fertile crops, healing, protect against bad spirits)
  9. Arrow root (Good fortune, purification, cleansing, healing, substitute in place of ‘grave yard dust’ in spells)
  10. Astralagus (mental clarity, psychic shielding, concentration Healing, Hex Breaking, Protection, Purification, Energy)
  11. Aswagandha (Healing, sex magic, youthfulness, tantric sex, passion)
  12. Barberry bark (Cleansing, sorcery, atonement, remove curses)
  13. Basil (Protection, Fertility and Harmony)
  14. Bay leaves (Divination, Prophetic visions, Protect against evil)
  15. Bedstraw (Carry with you to attract love)
  16. Billberry leaves (Protection, hex breaking, luck, money, potent at Lammas )
  17. Birch leaves (protect, new beginnings, love, purification, changes, exorcism)
  18. Black cohosh (Love, courage, potency, protection)
  19. Bladderwrack (Wind spells, sea spells, money, riches, protection, psychic powers)
  20. Boldo leaves (Protect against curses, keeps away bad customers and unruly people)
  21. Borage (Courage and psychic powers)
  22. Boswellia serrata (Indian frankincense, protect, purify, offerings, luck, spirituality)
  23. Bougainvillea  (Fertility, love, joy, psychic and physical protection, marriage)
  24. Buchu (Psychic powers, prophetic dreams)
  25. Burdock (Purification, cleansing, healing)
  26. Butcher’s Broom (Wind spells, divination, protection, psychic powers)
  27. Calamus root (Luck, healing, money, protection. Do not ingest.Use in sachets. Use with care.)
  28. Calendula (Used for legal problems, money, dreams, to see fairies, and psychic powers)
  29. Caraway seed (Protection, lust, mental power, anti-theft spells)
  30. Cardamon (love, romance, lust)
  31. Catnip (Beauty, happiness, love. Works well with cat deities. Sacred druid herb)
  32. Cayenne  (Catalyst, reverse evil and return to sender, stops gossiping)
  33. Cedarwood (Healing, purification, money. Strength, psychic. Sacred to Druids.)
  34. Celery seeds  (Mental & physic powers, lust, concentration, sleep.)
  35. Centaury  (Snake removal – literally & figuratively)
  36. Chamomile (Sleep, money, love, justice, purification. Solar energy. Remove curses. Rain making spells.)
  37. Chastetree berries (Moon magic, sexual desire, fertility, increase feminine power, changes)
  38. Chia Seeds (Healing, Cleansing, stop gossip, strength, Purification)
  39. Chickweed  (Fertility & love)
  40. Chicory (Remove obstacles in life)
  41. Chilli (Fidelity, love, protect, breaks curses, heat up spell)
  42. Chives (Protection, to chase away evil spirits, and for weight loss spells, protect against nightmares)
  43. Cinnamon (“Heat up” spell, love, money, success, protection. Attract customers, empower with tourmaline)
  44. Clove (Protect, love, money, prosperity. Stud candle with whole clove and burn down to stop gossip)
  45. Club moss (Power, protection. Help to commune with gods and goddesses)
  46. Coltsfoot  (Love & visions, tranquillity, peace)
  47. Coriander (Love, healing, relationships, throw instead of rice at handfasting rituals)
  48. Cowslip/primrose (youth, healing, find treasures, abundance, love)
  49. Cramp bark (new beginning, rituals & spells related to women)
  50. Cumin seed (Fidelity, protection, anti-theft, exorcism, peace, tranquillity, lust)
  51. Dandelion (Divination, good wishes, and calling good spirits)
  52. Devils claw (protect against intruders, protection against evil)
  53. Dill (protection, money, lust, luck, peace)
  54. Echinacea (Strengthen spells, healing, prosperity, appropriate to offer to river gods and goddesses)
  55. Echinacea root (Strengthen spells, healing, prosperity, appropriate to offer to river gods and goddesses)
  56. Elder Flowers (Healing, Prosperity, Hex breaking, Sleep, Purification, protection)
  57. Elecampane  (love charms, protect, psychic powers, clairvoyance, scrying)
  58. Eyebright (Clairvoyance, improve memory, see the truth of a situation, used to see fairies)
  59. Fennel (Gift of sight, Protect, Healing, Purification, Works well with St Johnswort)
  60. Fenugreek (Rain making, protection, eternal youth, health, riches, love)
  61. Fever Tree Bark (Protection, emotional clearing, relaxation)
  62. Feverfew (Protect. Travellers carry it to ward off sickness & accidents during journeys)
  63. Fig leaves (Fertility, love)
  64. Flaxseed (Money, protection, beauty, healing, promote psychic powers)
  65. Fumitory (Money, banish bad energies and spirits)
  66. Garlic (Protect, healing, lust, anti-theft, protect against curses and the “evil eye”)
  67. Gentain (Love, power, eliminate negativity, luck)
  68. Ginger (Love, money, success, power. Heat up spells)
  69. Ginko biloba (Mental clarity, fertility, aphrodisiac, healing)
  70. Ginseng  (love, wishes, healing, beauty, protection, blessings, psychic abilities, lust.)
  71. Golden Rod (Money and divination.)
  72. Golden seal (healing, money, empower spells, attracting herb, protects)
  73. Gotu kola  (Meditation)
  74. Grape leaves (fertility, garden magic, mental powers, money, popularity)
  75. Guava leaves (Love)
  76. Hawthorn (Happiness, chastity, fertility, protect, purify, banish negativity)
  77. Hemp Seed (Love, healing, meditation, visions, scrying)
  78. Hibiscus (Love, lust, divination, dreams, aphrodisiac, clairvoyance, attract good spirits, protection)
  79. Hollythistle / Blessed thistle (protection, blessings, create holy or sacred spaces)
  80. Honeysuckle (Money, protection, psychic powers and love binding)
  81. Hoodia (dissolve everyday unhealthy habits)
  82. Hops  (healing, sleep, druid herb)
  83. Horehound (Mental power, protect, healing, breaks spells)
  84. Horny goat weed  (represent God in wiccan practice, virility, passion, fertility, seduction)
  85. Horse chestnut (money, healing)
  86. Horseradish (Purification)
  87. Hyssop (Purify, protect, anointing, blessing, cleansing. Holy herb of ancient Greeks)
  88. Irish moss (Money, luck, protection. Success herb with long time benefits)
  89. Jasmine (Love, sensuality, money, meditation, prophetic dreams, seduction. Symbolize mysteries of the night)
  90. Juniper berry (Healing, & healing rituals, guard against evil, hexes & sickness. Luck, success)
  91. Kelp (seaweed)  (Attract money, call sea deities, banishing, summon wind, luck, remove negativity, protect against fire.)
  92. Lady’s mantle (Love, protect women, dedicated to the Virgin Mary by the Christian church)
  93. Lavender (Love, chastity, peace, longevity, happiness, sleep, protect  & shield, cleanse, uncrossing herb, Rain making spells)
  94. Lemon (friendship, cleansing, longevity, purification, attracting good things)
  95. Lemon Balm (Love, success, healing, love charm. Opens you to divine love from the goddess.)
  96. Lemon verbena (Purification, love, good luck, attraction herb.)
  97. Lemongrass (Psychic powers, lust, repelling snakes. Add to ‘power’ formula)
  98. Leopard Tree Bark (Creation, strength, creativity, manifesting, protection)
  99. Lime flowers (Healing, love, protection)Liquorice root (fidelity, love, lust, commanding herb, aphrodisiac)
  100. Lobelia  (storm magic, divination, fairy magic, malevolance)
  101. Lungwort  (Symbolize lungs. Protection while travelling in the air, sympathetic magic for lung disease)
  102. Marjoram (Protection, love, happiness)
  103. Marshmallow  (love, fertility, handfasting, persuasion, protect, cleanse, death & rebirth)
  104. Meadowsweet (love, divination, happiness, peace)
  105. Milkthistle (Strength, protection, healing, exorcism, hex-breaking)
  106. Mint (prosperity, energy, money, studies, protect, business)
  107. Mistletoe (Protect, love, sleep, fertility, health, compelling herb, “all purpose” uses. )
  108. Moringa Leaves (Courage, purpose, strengthen spells)
  109. Motherswort   (protection)
  110. Mugwort (Clairvoyance, summon spirits, manifestation, dreams, consecration, protect, fertility)
  111. Mulberry leaves (Protection, strength, symbolize beginning of time, re-establish male/female and yin/yang energies)
  112. Mullein flower  (courage, protect, defense, divination, determination, health, exorcism)
  113. Mustard seed (BLACK) (Confusing enemies)
  114. Mustard seed (YELLOW/WHITE) (Guardian and healer, symbol of faith)
  115. Myrrh  (Goddess energy, spirituality, protect, purify, meditation, guidance.)
  116. Nutmeg  (psychic power, good luck, prosperity, clairvoyance, justice, meditation)
  117. Oakbark (abundance, fertility, longevity, protection, business)
  118. Oat straw (Money, prosperity, fertility, marriage)
  119. Onion Flakes  (Remove negativity, banishing, healing, protection, concecration)
  120. Orange  (love, good fortune, divination, balance, harmony, healing, money, luck)
  121. Oreganum (Fortune, health, psychic dreams, protect, luck)
  122. Orris root (focus, draw love, divination, protect, psychic awareness)
  123. Parsley (Purification, Prevent misfortune)
  124. Passion flower (Peace, sleep, friendship, calms household arguments)
  125. Pepper Black (Protection – also place around property to deter evil people from entering)
  126. Peppermint leaves (changes, psychic vision, money, purification, use before doing scrying/tarot reading)
  127. Petrea (“flower of God”, Spirituality, higher knowledge, power, connect to the divine, healing)
  128. Plantain (Protect, regenerate, shamanic uses are varied)
  129. Plumbago (Hope, good wishes, Spiritual desire)
  130. Pokeroot  (courage, hex breaking)
  131. Poppy seed (Dreams, visions, fertility, prosperity, love, sleep, luck, invinsibility)
  132. Raspberry  leaves (protection, love)
  133. Red clover  (money, protection, love, fidelity, success, luck, exorcism)
  134. Red sage  (protect, cleanse, unhexing)
  135. Rhubarb root (Love, fidelity & sexual potency, protection)
  136. Rose (Love, protection, spirituality)
  137. Rosehip  (Soulmate, attract love, peace, honor Venus)
  138. Rosemary (Protection, Love, Healing, Purification, Banishing, Rain making spells)
  139. Rue (Protection, consecration, blessing, healing, purify, breaks curses.  Avoid when pregnant)
  140. Sage (Protect, Purify, Healing, Attract Money, Wisdom)
  141. Salpeter (For protection, removal of jinxes, and clearing out evil messes in the home. Diminish male sex drive, speeds up money spells )
  142. Salt (Casting a circle, Protection)
  143. Sassafras (commanding, twisting, favourable legal battle outcome, money)
  144. Saw palmetto berries (healing protection, exorcism, passion and spiritual openings)
  145. Scullcap  (love, fidelity, peace)
  146. Senna (Love, tact, diplomacy, faithfulness)
  147. Spearmint leaves  (Mental power, health, protect, love)
  148. Spirulina  (Help chi-energy, open meridians, flow of life)
  149. St. Johnswort (Protection, health and willpower. Known as “Leaf of the blessed”)
  150. Star aniseed (Consecration, Invoke deities, Banish bad energy)
  151. Stinging nettle (Protect, healing, lust, remove curses)
  152. Strawberry leaves  (love, friendship, tenderness)
  153. Sulphur (Also called Brimstone salt. Hex Breaking, Banishing, Psychic Protection. Or use for jinxing, crossing, Drive Away)
  154. Sunflower Seed (Wealth, fertility, happiness, protect, luck, loyality)
  155. Sutherlandia (Cancer Bush – Healing, Miracles)
  156. Tansy (health, longevity)
  157. Tarragon (Dragon herb. Grief. Commanding, confidence, courage, passion, protection, strength. Animals, calming, keeping secrets, love, peace, prevents theft, retention, sensuality, virility)
  158. Tea (Divination, money, courage, love)
  159. Thyme (Purify, cleansing, healing, sleep, prophetic dreams, visions, see fairies, courage)
  160. Turmeric (Purification)
  161. Valerian (Love, happiness, money, riches, harmony, peace, purification, protection)
  162. Veronica Speedwell (Protection, healing, remove begative spirits)
  163. Vervain (Love, protect, attract wealth)
  164. Vetiver   (uncrossing, protect, cleanse, money, business, hexing & unhexing)
  165. Walnut leaves (teleportation, astral travel, weather work, avert lightning, protect, cleansing)
  166. White Stinkwood (Protect, higher purpose, channeling abilities, manifesting, transition, crown chakra)
  167. White willow bark (eloquence, inspiration, prophecies, skills, protection)
  168. Wild Olive (Anointing of Holy Spirit, peace, victory)
  169. Wild yam (Fortification, Grounding, Release, 1st Chakra)
  170. Willow small flower herb  (Love, Divination, Protection, Healing)
  171. Witch hazel  (divination, protect, mend a broken heart)
  172. Wood betony (protect, hex breaking, jinx removing)
  173. Wormwood (Moon deities, Druid herb, divination, scrying, love, binding – use with care)
  174. Yarrow (Courage, divination, love, marriage, protect, banish evil, psychic powers)
  175. Yellow dock (cord cutting, remove ties to past which hinder you in this life)
  176. Yucca root  (transmutation, transformation, shape shifting, protect, purify)

Medicinal Uses of Herbs

To follow

Crystal Meanings and Uses

  1. Agate – A variety of chalcedony. Tones and strengthens body/mind. Grounding, but energetic. Powerful healer. Facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances. Works with all chakras according to the color of stone. Chakra/s/: all.
  2. Ajoite – Transmutes negative energy to positive energy. Relieves unhappiness. Stone of feminine empowerment. Assist in communicating ones deepest inner truth. Strengthens, heals and harmonize the emotional body. Chakra: Throat
  3. Amazonite It soothes the emotional process, eliminate worries, fears. Universal love. Helps with communication concerning love. Balance female/male energy, clear spirit. Treatment of disorders of nervous system, metabolism, energy blockages. Chakras: throat and heart.
  4. Amber – Tree resin that solidified and became fossilized. Allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative into positive energy. Helps to calm nerves, stimulates crown chakra and intellect. Using amber will ease rheumatic pain, cure sore throats, and purify the mind, body and spirit, used for treatment of kidneys and bladder. Chakra: All
  5. Amethyst – Transmitting in general. Strengthens endocrine and immune system. Powerful blood cleanser and energizer. Helps mental disorders, insomnia, nightmares. Relieve stress, headaches, overcome addictions. Helps clean other crystals. Excellent for meditation, aids channeling abilities. Symbol of divine love, inspiration, intuition. Chakra/s/: third eye, crown.
  6. Ammonite – Protection, wealth, health, vitality and happiness. Chakra unblocker. Transition, transformation, personal growth.  Past life recall and connecting to spirit guides. Stability, survival, grounding.  It is useful in fighting depression and degenerative ailments and is also good for the lungs.
  7. Angel  Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, sometimes Gold or other trace metals; exhibits a light blue, rainbow and silvery iridescence like the gossamer wings of angels. Elevating one’s mood. Meditating, serenity and peace, purification and rest. Connect to angel guides. Spiritual purpose. Communications.  Align and purify all chakras, allowing for the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration. All-healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body.
  8. Aquamarine – It is a stone of courage.  It can be used in the treatment of swollen glands, maintenance of the teeth and bone structure.  Has an affinity with sensitive people. Balance emotions. Helps with communication. Aids clear vision. Reduces stress and is a very calming stone. Helps in purifying mind/body/spirit. Chakras-Throat, Heart
  9. Aqua Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold; produces an electric or sky blue crystal with subtle flashes of rainbow iridescence; named for its rich aquamarine color. Enhance other minerals for healing, activation of all the chakras. Calm, relaxing, releasing negativity and stress, soothing and healing the aura. Communication. Protects against psychic attack, energy drain and spiritual vampirism. It is highly beneficial in multidimensional and cellular memory healing, bringing the body into balance
  10. Aventurine – Purifies mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Aids in releasing anxiety and fear. Stimulates muscle tissue. Strengthens blood. Emotional tranquility, positive attitudes towards life. Can be used to grid gardens. Brings prosperity. Brings one into alignment with their center. Independence & leadership qualities. All round healer stone. Chakra: Heart
  11. Azurite – Communication, intuition, creativity and inspiration. Place azurite on the 3rd chakra during meditation. It will open up your inner sight. It is an excellent stone for students. It helps open the mind and make it more receptive to retaining information. Liver stimulant , aids detoxification , stimulates brain and nerve activity, encourages growth by stimulating the activity of the thyroid gland 
  12. Black / Basanite Jasper – A variety of chalcedony. Powerful healer. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. Useful scrying stone which takes you deep into an altered state of consciousness. Brings visions and prophetic dreams. Protective and grounding stone.  Chakra/s/: all. 
  13. Black labradorite – Works on all chakras. A Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. For self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.
  14. Black Obsidian – Molten lava that cooled. Stone without boundaries, Protection. Heals past lives. Finds disease origin. Beneficially influences stomach. Connects mind and emotions. Slightly masculine energy. Grounds spiritual energy into physical plane. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps clear subconscious blocks. Recommended for use by healers (stone is very strong) Chakra/s/: root. 
  15. Black Tourmaline – Protect against negativity, ill wishes, psychic attacks, electronic smog and radiation. It cleanses, purifies and transforms negative energies into positive energy. They are excellent for balancing and connecting the chakras. Used in treating anxiety, paranoia, dyslexia etc. It draws prosperity, tolerance, compassion and inspiration. Chakras: All
  16. Bloodstone Powerful stone used long ago by the American Indians to stop hemorrhaging and assist blood in clotting. Oxygenates blood. Very powerful healing stone. A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens and oxygenates bloodstream, heart, spleen, bone marrow. Immune stimulator. Aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Reduces emotional/mental stress. Links root chakra with heart. Inner guidance, altruism, idealism. Chakra/s/: Base, heart.
  17. Blue lace agate – Helps fluid balance around the brain. Strengthens the skeletal structure. Helpful for developmental process of the fingernails and toenails. Parent-child relationship. Nurturing and supportive. Peace of mind. Communication.  Helps disorders of pancreas, glands, nervous system, blood circulations. Chakra/s/: throat
  18. Blue rose quartz – is said to be a very rare variety of rose quartz.  Blue Rose Quartz is a type of in-between Girasol and Rose Quartz. Brings unconditional love, soothing stress or tension of the heart, in love or friend relationships. Brings self love and confidence, heighten creativity and brings motivation, uplifting your Heart Chakra.  It is also a religious symbol of Mother Mary.
  19. Blue Topaz – Stone of true love & success. Promotes creativity, confidence in trusting ones decisions. Aligns the meridians of the body. Replace negativity with love & joyfulness. Treatment of disorders of livers, bladder & endocrine glands. Enhance relaxation, bring peace & lightness. Chakras: Throat, solar plexus
  20. Calcite – Removes stagnant energy, amplify energy. Spiritual stone that connects emotions & intellect. Motivation & serenity. Cleanses body, stimulate immunity, treatment of cancer. Helps with growth in small children. Strengthen skeleton, encourage calcium uptake. Heal “all infections”. Chakra: All
  21. Carnelian – Very highly involved mineral healer. Aids tissue/bone regeneration. Aligns physical and etheric bodies’ . Protects travelers. Stimulate creativity, overcome abuse, envy, rage, resentment. Place near front door to invoke protection & abundance. Regulate body fluids, kidneys, increase fertility.  Facilitates concentration. Chakra/s/: sacral
  22. Celestite Enables one to reach higher realms of thought. The stone of the skies. Helps release emotional/mental/ physical energies that hold back higher advancement. Connect with the divine energies & angelic realms. Spiritual development. Purity of the heart and reveals truth. Good fortune. Dissolves pain & brings love, dream recall. Helps with communication. Brings cellular order and eliminates toxins. Chakra: Throat. Connects and works the same as Angelite.
  23. Chrysoprase – Useful for balancing yin-yang energy, aligning the chakras. Healing the inner child. Activates opens & energizes the heart chakra. Facilitate peace, compassion, clemency, self acceptance & others, non judgmental attitudes, increase assimilation of Vit C. Chakra: Heart
  24. Chrysoberyl / cats’ eye” – Protective stone. It increases self-confidence, strengthens self-worth. Helps you to see both sides of a situation or problem. It brings compassion, generosity, forgiveness, discipline, self-control, concentration and the ability to learn. Aligns the solar plexus and crown chakras. Associated with wealth and is excellent for creativity. Promotes tolerance, harmony, self-healing. Balances adrenaline and cholesterol and fortifies the chest and liver.
  25. Chrysocolla – Tranquil & sustaining. Meditation & communication. Calms, cleanses & reenergize all chakras. Draws out negative emotions, increase capacity to love, psychic vision. Overcome phobias, detox, treat arthritis, bone disease, metabolism, pms, and excellent healer throughout body. Chakra: solar plexus, heart, 3rd eye. 
  26. Citrine Helps release cloudy thoughts, bringing joy and happiness and dispelling anxieties and fears. Helps to feel ability to go forth. A variety of quartz. Good for kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, heart. Tissue regeneration. Enhances body’s healing energy. Raises self-esteem. Powerful alignment with Higher self. Lightheartedness, cheerfulness, hopes. Attracts abundance. Carries power of the sun, never needs cleansing.  Chakra/s/: solar plexus, crown.
  27. Clear quartz – Stone of power. Master healer. Unlocks memory, wisdom & vision. Enhances all other crystals. Receives, activates, stores, transmit and amplify energy. Brings the energy of the stars into the soul. Enhances the crystalline properties of blood, mind and body. Excellent for meditation. Stimulates brain functions. Chakra/s/: all 
  28. Cobaltite Calcite – Known as the Reiki stone – Transmitting in general. Help developing creative endeavours, bringing the forces of creativity into zenith. Uplifting the emotional experiences. Used in the treatment of cancer, cellular disorders, dehydration. Stone to heal “all infections”.  Chakra: heart
  29. Coral – Coral is believed to be useful in treating anemia, circulation problems, menstrual disorders and infertility. Comes from the sea. And is said to quiet the emotions and bring inner peace. Chakra: Base
  30. DALMATION JASPER – Helps one to see their strengths and weaknesses, and encourages grounding both with the Earth and in reality. Dalmatian Jasper increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships. It brings a sense of fun to one’s life. Help purify the blood. It is a stone of protection from nightmares, depression, and negative thinking
  31. DENDRITIC AGATE – Assists with connection with nature. Promotes protection of earth and all its creatures. Prosperity, wealth, abundance stone. Creativity. Emotional balance. Protective amulet when traveling, especially by air and against traffic accidents. Good to use during pregnancy. Chakra: Base/ root/ heart/ crown.
  32. Desert rose / sand rose – Talismans for protection, overcoming phobias and to help boost self confidence.
  33. Dioptase Powerful heart healer. Rare stone and quite sought after, it’s energies help to make a new foundation in the heart. Aiding ability to start again, especially when experiencing disruptions of the heart. Chakras-Heart. Powerful healer for the heart and higher heart chakra. Promotes living in the present. Activates past life memories. Brings positivity. Powerful emotional healer, forgiveness. 
  34. Emerald – Enhance unity and unconditional love, partnership and promote friendship. Abundance. Support healthy heart function. Use to aid recovery after infectious illness and in the treatment of the sinuses, lungs, heart, spine and muscles.
  35. Fired agate – Protective, grounding, courage, aphrodisiac, spiritual awakening. Called a stone of “eternal youth” and bring vitality to the entire body. Increase digestion and assist with sexual dysfunction. Finally treat the central nervous system. Like other Agates, use to treat eye disorders.
  36. Fluorite – Concentration stone. Unveil subconscious blocks, bring out creativity. Enables thought to manifest into matter. Cleanse & stabilize aura. Healers use it to help with ulcers as well as the respiratory tract by stimulating cell regeneration in these areas. Fortifies bones, improves arthritic or other joint ailments. It can be laid directly on the body. Reveals truths, bring stability. Protect on psychic level. Chakras-Crown, Brow, Heart.
  37. Freshwater Pearls – Pearl is often used for its beauty as well as its healing properties. It is associated with, purity, innocence, honesty, love, friendship, patience, understanding, faith, and peace. It will teach about love and beauty and is considered a protector of virginity. It has a tendency to increase the emotions, thus making them easier to appreciate or change. Pearl s enhances personal integrity and helps clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Enhances sincerity, truth and loyalty and bring calming reflection. Pearl has a tendency to reflect your true or higher self. Very absorbing in nature. It can help one to face their darkest fears. It heightens our appreciation of music and can be used when singing, toning, or chanting.
  38. Fuchsite – It has been traditionally used by shamans and healers to find the root causes of disease.
  39. Garnet – Stone of health. Brings power, personal freedom, and responsibility. Stone of commitment stimulates both the base and crown charkas and provides free flow of Kundalini energy. Spine disorders, bone, cellular structure, heart, lungs, and blood. Brings success to business matters. Chakras: base, crown.
  40. Golden Healer Quartz (Hematoid Quartz) – Access the Golden Ray, the highest vibration of light, raise vibrations, intent, dissolves & releases blockages. Is a spiritual crystal that amplifies and facilitates spiritual communications over long distance, including in between worlds and access to Christ consciousness.   Enhances joy, balances yin and yang energies and aligns all chakras. It aligns and balance the Sacral Hara Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. 
  41. Green opal – Cleansing energy and supporting health, prosperity, and abundance.
  42. Hematite – Have positive effects upon bloodstream. Activates spleen, Increases resistance to stress.  Helps circulate oxygen throughout body. Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, will, courage. Slightly grounding. Powerful stone for those attracted to it. Helps with studies.
  43. Hessonite garnet – Self respect, eliminate feelings of guilt & inferiority. Seek out new challenges, open intuition and psychic abilities. Used for out-of-body travelling. Regulates hormone production, reduces infertility & impotence, and heals olfactory system. Remove negative influences that cause disease. Chakras: base, crown
  44. Himalayan Singing Quartz – Psychic visions, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement.
  45. Honey calcite – Amplify energies, especially helpful when using Reiki or any other energy-based healing practice. Cleanse energy. This crystal amplifies developing leadership skills. This Solar Plexus Chakra gemstone increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage. This stone is extremely useful for Sales, Public Speaking, Job Interviews, Entrepreneurs as well as Social Situations. Chakras: Base, solar plexus, third eye
  46. Howlite – Used to calm communication, to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression. It dispels criticalness, cold selfishness. Can be used to eliminate pain, stress and rage. Useful for balancing calcium levels in the body, disorders of the teeth, bone structure, and soft tissues. Chakras: all
  47. Iolite – Stone of vision and inner knowing. Attract wealth, money and abundance by pointing you to the direction of opportunities. Help with eye related diseases. An excellent stone for debts, iolite help you get out of debt. Its powerful energies will show you how you can generate a steady flow of money. And help you become financially stable.
  48. Jade – Stone of dreams and fidelity. Luck, money. Purity & serenity. Cleansing stone. Inspires wisdom, confidence, self-assuredness & self-sufficiency. Treatment of disorders of the heart, hips, kidneys, and spleen. Stimulate the health of the hair. Chakras: heart.
  49. Kyanite – Never needs cleansing. Connect to spirit guides. Communication & psychic awareness. Attunement and meditation & clarity. Helps with transformation. The energy is unlimited. Aligns all chakras, and immediately brings tranquility & calming effect to the whole being. Dispels anger. Balance yin-yang energy. Dispel blockages. Powerful healing tool. Chakras: All
  50. Kunzite – Helps manic-depressives due to its high lithium content. Excellent mental balancer. Aids insight into one’s true self and acceptance of circumstances. Chakras-Heart/clear to light pink color
  51. Labradorite – Stone of transformation. Can assist one to handle changes, promoting strength and perseverance. Stores esoteric knowledge shows spiritual purpose and banishes fears. Helpful in treatment of brain disorders, stimulate mental acuity and reduce anxiety and stress. Chakra: Higher heart 
  52. Lapis Lazuli – Stone of total awareness. Inner truths. Dream work. Relieves migraines. Bonds relationships. Communication. Strengthens skeletal system. Activates thyroid gland. Releases tensions and anxiety. Mental clarity, illumination, creative expression. Facilitates opening of charkas.  Chakra/s/: third eye, throat.
  53. Lavender Jade – is a stone of the angels. It emanates pure energy of the highest etheric spectrum, and draws angelic beings to its light. It provides spiritual nourishment to all who touch or even gaze upon it. This powerful form of Jade Crystal alleviates emotional pain and heals wounds of the heart.
  54. Malachite – Stone of transformation.  Aids the functions of pancreas and spleen. Protects. Reduces stress and tension.  Aids tissue regeneration.  Strengthens the heart and the circulatory system. Aids sleep. Reveals subconscious blocks. Toxic in the raw form. Vitalizing for body/mind. Chakra/s/: heart  
  55. Merlinite – Merlinite conjures up the reference as a stone of magic, wizards and alchemy. It encourages our connection with spirit and assists in our own spiritual growth. help treat blood circulatory disorders and assist in regulating insulin production. Merlinite was considered a stone to help treat pneumonia and balance mucus membranes.
  56. Mookaite / polychrome jasper – Balances inner and outer experiences. Brings desire for new experiences and the calmness to face them. Encourages versatility. Points out all possibilities and helps in choosing the right one. Physically stabilizing stone. Fortifies the immune system, heals wounds, and purifies the blood. Balance yin-yang energies. Chakra: Root, solar plexus, foot
  57. Moonstone – Stone of new beginnings. Has healing power for stomach, spleen and pancreas. Brings calmness coupled with awareness. Emotional balancer. Worn during pregnancy. Aids birthing process, helps female problems. Connects with the moon.  Aligns emotions with higher Self. Chakra/s/: heart.
  58. Morganite – Wearing this stone is great for persons having heart-related problems. Positive energy released by this stone is great for new businesses and it is considered as great talisman stone for all persons working with money. Morganite is believed to bring healing, compassion and promise to those who wear it. Morganite opens wearers to unconditional love while dissolving ego.
  59. Mosasaurus Dinosaur Tooth Fossil – Bring harmony, accessing knowledge of past lives, and clearing karma
  60. Mother of Pearl – It signifies faith, charity, and innocence, enhances personal integrity, and helps to provide focus to ones attention. The pearl has been known as a “stone of sincerity”, bring truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause”. It has been used to inhibit boisterous behaviour, and to provide a reflection of the self such that one may see the manner in which one appears to others. This stone is a great protective stone.
  61. Ocean Jasper / Orbicular jasper / Atlantis jasper / sea jasper – Stimulates solar plexus, heart and throat chakras. Increases expression of love in words and actions. Gently brings into focus the positive aspects of one’s life. Brings relaxation and cooperation to the home or workplace. This powerful stone lifts negativity so one can fully appreciate blessings.
  62. Onyx – Enhance self-control, banish grief, provides support during mental and physical stress. Stimulate power of wise decision, encourage happiness, good fortune. Promote recognition, personal strengths. Can be used in past life work. Used in the treatment of bone marrow, soft tissue structures. Chakra: Base (Earth)
  63. Opal – Stone of happy dreams and changes, disperse infections, purify the blood and kidneys, treatment of disorders of vision and the eyes, alleviate fevers, assists recovery of Parkinson’s disease. Known as the stone of happy dreams and changes. Cosmic consciousness. Loyalty, love and passion. Stabilize emotions. It is believed to help relax a woman during child birth. It is thought to disperse infections and alleviate fever. Regulating insulin production and improving eyesight. Can be used to heal the earth’s energy field.
  64. Opalite – Known as the stone of happy dreams & changes. Cosmic consciousness. Loyalty, love, passion. Stabilize emotions. Believed to help relax woman during childbirth. Thought to disperse infections & alleviate fever. Purifying blood & kidneys. Insulin production. Remove energy blockages of chakras & Meridians. Business success. Use in meditation. Heal the earth’s energy field. Chakra: Third eye
  65. Opal Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum; creates a pearly sheen with pale rainbow iridescence. Cleanses the aura, balances all chakras. It is a crystal of joy, hope and optimism. Meditative awareness & inspires a total union with the divine and cosmic consciousness. Stone of romance and love, and can bring both into one’s life. It is highly beneficial in healing hurt and trauma & for multi-dimensional healing.
  66. Peridot – Emits a warm and friendly energy. Protects the aura. Cleanse and stimulate the heart and solar plexus charkas, bringing openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of matters of love and relationship. Helps to heal a ‘’bruised’’ ego by assisting one in anger or jealousy. Disorders of heart, lungs, spleen, and intestinal tract. Chakra: Heart
  67. Petrified wood – Steady growth, a strong body, past-life recall, patience, inner peace. Spiritual transformation.
  68. Picture / Brown Jasper – Connects to earth element. Stability & balance. Meditation, centering & regression to past lives, reveal karmic causes. Promotes spiritual affinity. Night vision and astral travel. Stone of ‘Global awareness’. Boost immune system, heals skin, treat kidneys. Stimulate and cleanse organs. Used to cleanse the earth. Chakra: Solar plexus 
  69. Pink opal – Calm and soothe your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace and hope.
  70. Pink obsidian – Contains the fire of the volcano. Also known as strawberry obsidian. Is an excellent choice for those who lack confidence. It stimulates the root and heart chakras and helps one face their true self with honesty, compassion, and love. Protect against psychic attacks. Has a grounding and balancing effect
  71. Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite) – Stone of balance, calm, and detach from personal pain, brings abundance, and passion, Balances the body’s electrochemical system, strengthens immune system, heals backaches and reproductive system disorders, detoxifies the blood, assists with recovery, and eases the effects of radiation poisoning. Associated with the sacral and root chakras, as well as the heart chakra
  72. Prehnite – Stone of unconditional love. It is said to connect to the archangel Raphael. Heal the healer. Enhances inner knowledge, showing the path to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating 3rd eye chakra. Can assist in finding the root cause of an illness. Healers use it for the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs. Chakra: Heart
  73. Rainbow titanium Aura Quartz – Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Titanium; produces vivid multi-colored metallic crystals. All chakras. Clearing a path for the Life Force to manifest throughout the subtle bodies, bringing in a vibrant energy and zest for life. Release negative emotions such as resentment or grief. Rainbow Aura is a master healer for any condition, and is highly beneficial in multidimensional cellular memory healing. It is an efficient receptor for programming and bringing the body into balance
  74. Red Jasper – A variety of chalcedony. Strengthens liver, gallbladder, and bladder. Detoxify circulatory system.  Powerful healer. Represents earth element. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. Balances yin-yang energy.  Grounds, rectifies unjust situations.  Chakra/s/: Base
  75. Rhodochrocite – Selfless love & compassion. Positive attitude. Healing sexual abuse. Attract soul mate. Face the truth. Relieves asthma, headaches, purify blood, balance the heart. Emotional release and brings repressed and painful feelings to light. Chakra: Heart
  76. Rhodonite – Stone of love and balance. Energizes heart chakra. Abuse. Wound healer. Self love. Stone for stimulation, clearing and activation of heart chakra, balance yin-yang energy. Treatment of emphysema, inflammation of the joints, arthritis. Chakra/s/: heart
  77. Rose quartz – Stone of unconditional love. Emits calming, peaceful energy, remove negative energy and reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. Used in crystal grids. Excellent stone for healing emotional wounds. Helps during trauma/crisis. Helps kidneys, adrenal glands, clear the skin, reduces wrinkles, diminish pain. Chakra/s/: heart
  78. Ruby – It banishes nightmares, and guards against psychic and psychological attack. Stimulate circulation and amplify energy and vitality to the whole system.
  79. Rutilated quartz – Integrates energy at any level. Heightens the abilities of quartz & also a vibrational healer. Illuminates the soul. Balance cosmic light. Spiritual growth. Cleanses & energize the aura. Aids astral travel, scrying & channeling. Good for therapists & counselors. Removes negativity. Protect against psychic attack. Forgiveness at all levels. Chakras: All
  80. Sapphire – Stone of prosperity, sustaining the gift of life. Eliminating frustration, fulfilling dreams, tends to focus, to emanate, to radiate energy without ones the conscious initiation. Treatment of disorders of the blood, strengthen the walls of the veins.
  81. Sea shell – In Greek and Roman mythology shells were the mystic symbol of prosperity and regeneration and, in their association with the sea, the source of fertility. It is in the sea that life originated and is symbolized by the mythic birth of Venus (Aphrodite). To ancient Christians and pilgrims, seashells were the symbol of St. James the Greater. Very good in Reiki and healing rooms.
  82. Selenite – Provides clarity of mind, expanding awareness. Accessing angelic consciousness. Access past and future lives. Provides flexibility, help make decisions. Align the spinal column, removing energy blockages, facilitate regeneration of the cellular structure, prevents damage caused by free radicals. Can be used to form a protective grid around a house. Meditation and spiritual work.
  83. Septarian Jasper (Dragonstone) Stone – Protective stones, providing both grounding and shielding of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Septarian is a healing stone beneficial to overall health and well being. Opens psychic abilities. Gives relief for muscle spasms. Nurtures and grounds. Chakra: Root Chakra, solar plexus and sacral chakra.
  84. Serpentine Jasper – Activate Kundalini energy, earth energy and works on all chakras.
  85. Shattuckite – Psychic visions, intuition, mediumship, channeling, psychic knowing and automatic writing.
  86. Smokey quartz – Protection. Grounding. Against nightmares. Relieves stress. Neutralize negative energy. Balances sexual energy. Stone of power. Receives, activates, stores, transmit and amplify energy. Absorbs electronic smog. Promotes concentration. Acceptance of self. Chakras: Base, Solar plexus
  87. Snowflake Obsidian – Molten lava that cooled. Stone without boundaries, Protection. Heals past lives. Finds disease origin. Beneficially influences stomach. Connects mind and emotions. Gentler effect than black obsidian. Grounds spiritual energy into physical plane. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps clear subconscious blocks. Chakra/s/: sacral, root.
  88. Sodalite – Unites intuition and logic. Meditation. Spiritual perception. Clears electromagnetic pollution. Useful for people with “sick building syndrome”. Radiation damage. Calms the mind.  Panic attacks. Metabolism & digestive disorders, insomnia, purify body. Chakra: Throat, third eye
  89. Spirit quartz (Yellow / citrine fairy quartz) – Yellow to gold to brownish cast. Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, aligning personal will with divine will. Purifies intent, self-worth & empowerment. Giving access to true abundance while releasing attachments to material things. It is particularly useful in harmonizing group efforts and focusing power for a collective cause, and is a marvelous stone for conflict-resolution and in seeking, or granting, forgiveness, cheerfulness and contentment, enthusiasm and success
  90. Spirit quartz (Brown / Black / smokey fairy quartz) – Brown to grayish-brown.  Base chakra.  Grounding, protection, cleansing, and integration3. It assists in conveying a soul safely into the next world, cleansing the subtle bodies and removing karmic and emotional debris to ensure a good rebirth. It is a marvelous tool for releasing deeply held emotions, traumatic memories or states of disease, including those passed down the ancestral line. This stone also stabilizes and purifies environmental imbalances and pollution. Very rare.
  91. Spirit quartz (White fairy quartz) – Clear to opaque white, and is called Fairy Spirit Quartz. It activates all energy centers and is most resonant with the physical body, especially for support of the physical healing process and in revitalizing energy levels. It clears and cleanses blockages in the system, and attunes the aura for both healing and evolution. Brings magic back into your life.
  92. Spirit quartz (Purple / amethyst fairy quartz) – Pale lilac to deep purple. Higher Crown chakras.  Spiritual. Multi-dimensional healing. Aura cleansing and can dispel negative attachments and entities, and repair holes to the etheric body. It is a compassionate stone. It assists a soul facing death, provides support with terminal illness, and can be an effective tool for spirit release, attracting guides for the journey. The Amethyst color brings passion and imagination, emotion and logic. It stimulates creativity and is particularly helpful in artistic endeavors
  93. Star fish / sand dollar – Strength, protection, healing, luck, psychic abilities, ancient knowledge.
  94. Star stone / Blue goldstone – Enhances-psychic-ability, protection, psychic-communication. Aids arthritis, bones, circulation, energy, eye-ailments, headaches, inflammation, migraines, nervous-system, pain, painful-joints, pet-allergies, and stomach-tension. Advancement, Ambition, Calming, Confidence, Courage, Drive, Focus, Insight, Positive-Attitude, Uplifting. Chakra: 3rd eye/throat/crown
  95. Sugilite – Spiritual awareness. Major love stone. Protect the soul from shocks, trauma & disappointments. Forgiveness. Pain reliever, clears headaches and discomfort on all levels. Wisdom. Opens all the chakras to the flow of spiritual and emotional love. Chakra: Heart, third eye.
  96. Sunstone (natural) – Can be used to clear and energize all of the charkas. Dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress, & to increase vitality. Luck & good fortune. Nurturing. Power of the sun. Helpful with sore chronic throats. Reduces stomach tenses, relieve ulcers, rheumatism, aching feed and spinal problems.  
  97. Sunstone / GoldstoneCarries the energy of Ra, the sun god. Abundance and Good luck.  It is a Stone of Leadership – of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. Chakra: Base/Root/Sacral
  98. Tektite – Psychic abilities, astral travel, clears chakras. Increases will and personal power and confidence. Fertility.
  99. Tigers eye – Enhances psychic abilities, stimulate kundalini energy. Assist in the attunement of 3rd eye activity. Protective against ill wishes/curses. Grounding. Sun energy, balance yin-yang energy. Useful during studies. Integrity. Helps depression, stress, anxiety & childhood trauma. Helps throat, reproductive system, broken bones.  Chakra/s/: solar plexus
  100. Tourmalinated quartz – Combines clear quartz & tourmaline properties. Grounding. Healing. Protect. Amplify energy. Stores memory. Enlarges beauty around you. Attunes you to your spiritual purpose. Positivity. Remove negativity. Problem solving. Harmonize the meridians, subtle bodies & chakras. Chakras: All
  101. Trilobite fossil – Accept change, harmony, longevity, organization, protection. Ancient knowledge, wisdom, astral projection, past life recall.
  102. Turquoise – Valued as a protective stone, as well as a bestowal of goodness. Considered as a master healer, providing solace for spirit and well being for body. Protective. Communication, intuition, purification. Aids nutrient absorption, strengthen entire anatomy & stimulate tissue regeneration. Conductor of healing & good for rheumatism & arthritis. 
  103. Unakite – Focus at the present, gentle release of painful memories, balance emotional body. Alignment with the higher forces of spirituality. Helps one to go beneath the physical symptoms of disease. Enhances visions of ethereal plane, dissipates unconscious actions. Supportive in recovery after major illness. Stone of vision.  Chakra/s/: heart
  104. Watermelon Tourmaline works with the Heart chakra, cleansing and removing blockages. As a balancing stone, Watermelon Tourmaline aids in removing insecurities. Remove anxiety and depression.
  105. Yellow Jasper – A variety of chalcedony. Protects during spiritual work & psychic travel. Releases toxins, heals digestion & stomach problems. Powerful healer. Relieves stress, anxiety and depression. Inner child. Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. Chakra/s/: solar plexus
  106. Yellow opal – Yellow Opal is used by metaphysical healers as an all around health-enhancer.
  107. Zoisite with Ruby (Ruby in Zoisite) Increase inner and outer development. Energizes the body and creates a sense of wellbeing. Harmonize relationships with others, increases empathy and compassion. Aids in ailments such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. Chakras: root, heart and third eye