Ajoite Healing Pendant


Transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

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Ajoite Healing Pendant

Ajoite combined with quartz from the Messina mine in south Africa.

Ajoite is an excellent stone for speaking from the heart. It assists in creating peaceful emotional states and joy in our all areas of our life. This inner peace helps with understanding and total acceptance.

Ajoite eliminates hostility, anger, abrasiveness, jealousy, prejudice and all other negative attributes imaginable. Creates a bond with the energy of ‘ALL THAT IS’. Ajoite enhances creativity and communication. Ajoite is a great stone for psychics and mediums, for its ability to not only connect us more deeply with the Divine/Source energy but its power to ground spiritual information into Earth plane.

It is said to bring awareness of All and the infinite potential available to us. Ajoite facilitates connections between people, kindred spirits, strangers and friends.

Ajoite extracts dysfunctional energy and replaces it with pure loving energy. It enhances rejuvenation on all levels, stimulating total well being. It is a master healer and medium for access to Higher realms.

It clears and activates the heart and throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakra, assisting one in communicating one’s deepest inner truth. Ajoites are very powerful tools. They can clear the auric field and align the Light body with the physical.

Ajoite can harmonize the energies of any chakra, release negativity, and call forth the truth from oneself and others. It’s work is accomplished in a soft and loving manner; and brings about a gentle transformation. Changes engendered by Ajoite are great blessings indeed.

Ajoite embodies incredibly positive metaphysical properties that aid healers, bringing peace and harmony.  A highly spiritual stone, Ajoite is said to assist in connecting to the Higher Self/God/Goddess/Universe/All That Is.  Emitting the loving energy of Mother Gaia, aiding in sweet communication during meditation; it assists in healing old emotional wounds, by releasing and overcoming sorrow, anger and fear. Ajoite helps one to communicate with Angels and other Higher Spirits, elevating one to those spiritual realms.

Ajoite is a master integrator, specifically addressing issues of discord. Also known as the “Phoenix Rising” stone, it assists in the spiritual evolution of humanity, not only as an individual, but as a whole as well. It is a powerful mineral of transformation and healing in all areas. Melds the Heart and Throat chakras so that one may truly speak from the heart. Provides peace, joy and acceptance. Eliminates negative attributes (anger, hate, hostility, etc.)

Also connects you with the Archangel Chamuel.