Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Garnet Necklace (NE49)


Master healer, protection, abundance.

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Clear quartz: Stone of power. Master healer. Unlocks memory, wisdom & vision. Enhances all other crystals. Receives, activates, stores, transmit and amplify energy. Brings the energy of the stars into the soul. Enhances the crystalline properties of blood, mind and body. Excellent for meditation. Stimulates brain functions. Chakra/s/: all

Amethyst: Transmitting in general. Strengthens endocrine and immune system. Powerful blood cleanser and energizer. Helps mental disorders, insomnia, nightmares. Relieve stress, headaches, overcome addictions. Helps clean other crystals. Excellent for meditation, aids channeling abilities. Symbol of divine love, inspiration, intuition. Chakra/s/: third eye, crown.

Garnet: Stone of health. Brings power, personal freedom, and responsibility. Stone of commitment stimulates both the base and crown charkas and provides free flow of Kundalini energy. Spine disorders, bone, cellular structure, heart, lungs, and blood. Brings success to business matters. Chakras: base, crown.