Black Cat Magic Anointing Oil (50ml) (O7)


Luck, invisibility, enthrallment, clairvoyance, charisma

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Black cat magic oil. Use Black Cat Oil as an anointing oil to boost witchy powers and slip away from bad luck. Invisibility, enthrallment, clairvoyance, charisma—all of these fall into the domain of Black Cat magick. Work Black Cat Oil spells during the waning or dark moon.

Our range of biblical and or magic oils can be used by Christian’s, pastors, spiritual healers, wiccan’s, pagan, traditional healers, sangoma’s, and all other esoteric fields.

Anointing oil is sacred oil, blessed and charged and specially formulated for the purposes of sanctifying or elevating sacred objects or people in the service of a higher purpose.

How to use anointing oils

  • Oils can be used to anoint the body at the forehead and pulse points at wrists
  • Random items that some will anoint are door knobs, doors, windows, outside gates, talismans & charms, jewellery, crystal gemstone jewellery, money, coins, wands, besoms, vehicles, candles, the list is endless really.
  • Crystals can be anointed to charge, consecrate, cleanse or empower.
  • Jewellery is almost always anointed by Christians, pagans, wiccans, spiritualists, healers, mediums and the like.
  • Altars can be anointed with oils to cleanse and increase their power
  • Ritual Tools can also be anointed with oils to heighten their power and effectiveness.