Book of Shadows 4 Day Course (BCO1)


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Book of Shadows 4 day in person course


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Book of shadows Course. In person at Gems For Healing

4 day in person course. Includes a gift bag and light meals.

This guide discusses magical practices and magic in general. Magic is all around us; in everything we see and do. There is nothing simple about Wicca, paganism and magic. Witchcraft/paganism is a spiritual path and a way of life for the person practicing it. If you follow this path, it shows a desire for change, and a desire to effect change within ourselves. Witches or pagans are ordinary men and woman who have decided to change and to follow a path that connects them to the earth and the cycles of the earth. This course is for information purposes.

This 200 page book of shadows manual discusses the:

Introduction to wicca, Different paths – Solitary or Coven? and The Gods and Goddesses, Animal familiars and Animal Spirit guides, Pagan wheel of the year – Witches calendar, Casting the circle, and the tools used in magical rituals. Elemental magic: Working with various energies in magical rituals, also Candle magic. Pagan/Wiccan symbols. Additionally Tarot, herbal and crystal correspondences, And to round it off there are 145 pages dedicated to herbs and plants and their uses in magic. Included are the secret names of plants in magic and a list of substitution herb/plants.

Book of shadows 4 day course brought to you by Gemsforhealing. Also check out Book of Spells Manual (GM4) and Psychic Power – Psychic Development Manual (GM12)