Chrysoberyl Chip Bracelet (Yellow-green)


Happiness, serenity,  optimism, generosity protection and confidence.

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Chrysoberyl (Cat’s Eye) Chip Bracelet (Yellow-green) transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. Cat’s Eye brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence. It can enhance creativity and kindness. Traditionally, Cat’s Eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and dark magic.

Chrysoberl crystals are famous for increasing personal power and deepening spirituality. They help to increase generosity and charitable behavior. This stone promotes forgiveness and offers peace of mind to those who where it. Chrysoberyl can initiate intuition and spark awareness.

These stones are used for acquiring more prosperity, confidence, self-pride and are very helpful as a healing tool due to their colors. They amplify other gem’s energies. Some are irradiated to turn green. Trust your feeling with each stone. It is a stone that is said to bring self knowledge and protection. Cat’s eye is attuned to Leo and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic Stones associated with Ketu, the south descending node of the moon.

This stone is considered to protect the visual center of the brain and helps with eyesight. The eye shaped crystal has an amazing effect on the nervous system and should be worn often. Used to drive away nightmares when placed by the bedside.

In Feng Shui you would use this stone in the Southwest for relationships (use two stones), in the Northeast for wealth and good luck. A great stone to be used anywhere you need protection.