Chrysocolla & Botryoidal Malachite (CON14)


Auric cleanser, support, soothes, calms, balance emotions, relieve despair. Eases trauma, abuse, & addictions. Balance, abundance, manifestation and intention.

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Chrysocolla & Botryoidal malachite: From the Congo, Africa


Auric cleanser, support, soothe and calms. Balance emotions, relieve despair. Eases trauma, abuse, and addictions. Chrysocolla calms, cleanses and re-energizes all the chakras. It draws out guilt, heals heartache and also increase the capacity to love. Improves communication and opens psychic vision. Thus encourages self-awareness and inner balance. Chrysocolla is often found with traces of Malachite Rough Stone Chunk (B56), turquoise, jasper and azurite within it.

Stone of Communication.  Help with nervous disorders, such as anxiety and depression, feelings of guilt, and also hyperkinetic movement.  Chakras: Heart, throat, thymus, third eye, base. Use magically as a ‘prayer stone’.  For example, whisper your dreams to the stone then put it outside overnight under a full Moon to see your wishes come true. Finally, as a stone aligned with Goddess energies, it can balance and empower the feminine aspects in both women and men.

Botryoidal Malachite

Malachite is a stone of balance, abundance, manifestation and intention. Malachite absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface. It clears and activates all Chakras, and is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras. In addition, Malachite personifies the deep healing green of nature and represents the innate beauty of flowers, trees, roots, and plants.

It is a Stone of Transformation. Likewise assist in changing situations and providing for spiritual growth. It heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating the Life Force throughout the aura and body.  Malachite is dedicated to the Heart Chakra. Malachite clear and activate other chakras. Place on the Third Eye, it activates visualization and psychic vision. In conclusion, place on the Solar Plexus, to facilitate deep emotional healing; releasing negative experiences and old trauma.

Chrysocolla & Boitroydal malachite

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