Citrine Natural Cluster (CON22)


Attract abundance, prosperity, chakra balancer, emotional cleanser.

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Citrine natural cluster from the Congo, Africa.

8.5 cm x 6 cm x 13.5 cm

0.684 kilogram

Known as the merchant stone. Brings money. Abundance, emotional balancer, chakra cleanser. Probably the best stone to use for depression and a lack of physical energy. Helps overcome lethargy,  obesity, comfort eating, grief, guilt and depression. A Solar stone, its bright sunny power can bring hope and energy even to those who find life impossible to bear. It is believed to help combat the side-effects of electrical energy. Spiritually it cleanses vibrations in the atmosphere and can purify room used for magic or healing. Brings conflicting energies into balance and helps integrate the physical and spiritual aspects of your nature. Helps to transform dreams and visions into physical reality. Encourages love, new beginnings and hope. Citrine is considered one of THE best stones when selling a home, property or business. Attract prosperity, manifestation stone.

Citrine works on the heart, kidneys, muscles and stomach and helps to heal gangrene, infection and blood disorders. The stone raises the spirits of people who are ill, boosts their immune system and aids their recovery.

This energetic stone will aid his digestive track and alleviate his fears, depressions, and insomnia.

Sacral, solar plexus, crown. Cleanses all chakras. Activate the lower chakras. Cleanse and align aura. Financial magic. Purify room used for magic

Feng Shui:  This joyful stone is used specifically in the Southeast direction of your home for wealth/prosperity. It can also be used in the Center area for spiritual growth and guidance. In the West direction for creativity and North for  personal journeys.

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Weight 0.684 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 6 × 13.5 cm