Copper Bracelet – Thin Yellow Red Twist (CB5)


Rheumatic copper healing bracelet.

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Copper bracelet – Twist thin Yellow Red band

Made from purest refined copper. Pure copper bracelets have been worn since roman time to bring relief to arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Regular use of any metal polish will enhance the natural lustre of pure copper.

African copper bracelet –  twist thin yellow red band have become a sort after fashion accessory not only for the ethnic look but also for the health properties. The traditional zulu people wear copper bracelets to  help ward off illness and keep the body in balance. Ndebele woman wear copper rings around their arms, legs and necks when married to show her faithfulness and bond to husband.

They are all adjustable to fit any wrist size as the bracelets are open at one end.

Raise your energy levels and create a feeling of wellbeing as many millions of people of all ages discover. Help sport pains. Results show relief from aches, pains, inflammation of join nerves. Likewise aid back pain, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder pains, as well as gout, arthritis, rheumatism and many more related ailments.

Instructions: For best result gently shape the bracelet to your wrist and wear constantly. The copper is uncoated, thus it and the wrist will discolor. Remove with soap and water.

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