Coral Red Bead Bracelet (APR35)


Happiness, joy, balance, health, fertility.

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Red Coral

Stimulates Root and Spleen Chakra for energy, warmth and fertility. Energizes the emotions. Best used for blood and blood circulation issues. Coral is a remedy from spasms of intestines, stones in bladder, poisoning and sleeplessness. Modern researchers found out that corals contain hormones with strong positive influence on human body. Ashes from burned Coral heal wounds and ulcers. Coral power dissolved in water or wine is an effective pain-killer, especially for intestines, stomach and spleen related illness. Helps to overcome fears, phobias and doubts and to understand your deepest, darkest shadows. Protects from storms, tempests, lightning, spells, enchantments, ‘assaults of the Devil’ and many other perils, both natural and supernatural.

Coral is a symbol of joy and happiness. It enables the wearer to enjoy their life and strengthen their capabilities. Red coral is attuned to scorpio and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones associated with mars.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Southwest for love, in the Center are for balance and good health, in the Northeast for knowledge and in the East for community.

Sacred to Sea Goddesses such as Aphrodite and also to Medusa. Enhances any sex magic or spells for passionate love. All coral can be used in love magic but the deeper the colour the more passionate the results. Pale corals can be used to ensure a passionate relationship tempered by friendship and emotional compatibility. Coral holds the power of elemental Water and can help connect with that element or communicate with the magical beings of the oceans. Used in spells for magical concealment it can hide your works and desires or can be used to reveal the magical workings of others. It reveals secrets, especially the deep secrets of your own mind.