Family & Home Crystal Grid 1 (D1)


Brings stability, love, trust, companionship, friendship, peace and positivity to the home.

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Family and home crystal grid – Use the family and home grid to bring healing, trust, communication, love, fidelity and positive energy into your family life.

Stones and Paper template of grid included. It is not a ready-made grid. This grid is a do-it-yourself grid in which you use your intention to create, bless, and activate this grid to your specific needs using a paper template of the grid. Instructions included.

The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention. The combination of the power of crystals in a geometric pattern greatly strengthens your focused intention to manifest results much quicker.

Stones included in this flower of life stone grid includes: 

Sodalite: Trust and companionship and understanding.

Amethyst: Protection, blocks geopathic stress, enhance memory.

Rose quartz: Loving relationships, peace, calmness.

Tigers eye: Grounds, balances and protects

Chrysoprase: Encourages fidelity. Turns your attention to positive events

Aventurine: Stimulate parent child relationships, brings understanding, prosperity

Clear quartz: Amplify the energy of all other stones. Brings vision and wisdom. Master healer.