Garnet Medium Gemtree (A169)


Business, abundance, commitment, love, fertility, protection.

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Love, loyalty, commitment. Garnet can be used to help anyone who uses metal, including farmers, ironmongers, smiths, soldiers, surgeons, jewelers and craftspeople. Provides fertility, abundance and prosperity. Garnet establishes and activates the connection between your root chakra and the Earth, helping you to draw on the Earth’s vast power for healing and empowering yourself. Protection when travelling.

Healing: Blood system, depression and reproductive system. Root, sacral, heart chakra. Clears emotional layer of aura

Fertility and sex. Long believed to be a favourite stone of Dragons, it draws on their protective powers and helps the bearer communicate with them and learn their great secrets. Natural, unpolished Garnet is not a pretty stone, but it symbolizes the awesome energy of raw, untamed magic and is ideal for spells and rituals where you need to draw on high concentrations of power. Sacred to the Goddess Isis, Garnet was believed to be solidified drops of her blood. Wearing the stone brings you under the influence of the Mistress of Magic and helps you to pass between the worlds with ease. Renowned as a stone of illumination and revelation. Empowers magical regeneration.

Feng Shui: Garnet should be used in the Northwest corner for travel or in the Center area for grounding, balance, good health, spirituality and protection, in the North for personal journeys, victory and success, and in the Southwest for partnership (always use two stones here).