Grand Master Reiki Level 5 – 18 Manual (GM14)


Reiki level 5 – 20 Reiki manual

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Grand master Reiki Levels 5 – 18 manual

Level 5 and 6 are not directly given through the USUI reiki system. But are formed by Qi Gong and Reiki Masters from Berlin. This method teaches you to channel Qi Gong energy during meditation.

Levels 7 – 18 complete the teachings started in Usui Level 1 – 4. This manual include the symbols and attunement procedures for completing level 5 – 18

To be able to use this manual you should have knowledge or have been attuned to USUI Level 1 – 4 (Masters Reiki).

Grand master Reiki Levels 5 – 18 manual brought to you by Gemsforhealing. Also check out Reiki Usui Level 1 – 4 Manual (GM13) and Usui Reiki Course (Online Course) (COU1) and Usui Reiki Course (In-Person) (COU2)