Jupiter Planetary Essence 50ml (AP5)


Abundance, business, expansion, fame, parties, politics, power, responsibility, royalty

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This fragrance aid connection to planet Jupiter. Assist with abundance, business, expansion, fame, gambling, greed, and growth. Also honor, leadership, money, parties, politics, power, responsibility, royalty, success, visions, wealth and prosperity. Works best on Thursday.

Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles. Jupiter govern long distance and foreign travel, big business and wealth, higher education, religion, and the law.

Element: Air, Fire

Connect to the Gods: Jupiter, Marduk, Thor, Zeus

Connect to the Goddesses: Isia, Hera, Juno, Themis

Our essences and remedies are charged with our own medicine wheel & labyrinth while surrounded by a rose quartz grid. Lovingly prepared using the energy of both the Sun and the Moon in the Mother tincture. Finally the tincture is charged on a geometric grid.

Each Essence contains a mix of essential oils, herbal tinctures, and gem elixirs.

Here are some other ways you can use essences:

  • Apply to acupuncture point or chakras or meridian points.
  • Put several drops in your bath.
  • Use in spells
  • Dab on minor cuts and scrapes
  • Put a few drops in beauty products, shampoos, massage oils, and lotions.
  • Rub them on your hands when giving healing treatments such as Reiki or massage.
  • Add to other herbal tinctures to augment the benefits.
  • Place in a spray bottle and make your own spray
  • Connect to deities, planets etc.