Lepidocrocite in Quartz (CON105)


Heals the ”inner child”. Helps relationships.

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Lepidocrocite in quartz – Congo

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Lepidocrocite has a soothing vibration, that calms ADHD and hyperactivity. Its vibration may be helpful if you are working on healing the inner child. It’s energy surrounds you in a bubble of high vibration golden light that is a barrier against negativity.  This is a mineral that commonly occurs as an inclusion in quartz.  Its energy helps you to make contact with angels and spirit guides when you use it in meditation. Lepidocrocite is a powerful stone to heal romantic relationships. Its strong vibration aids you to open your heart to each other and communicate your heart-felt feelings. Working within the higher heart chakra, the vibration of this crystal aids you to forgive each other.

Physical Healing – Lepidocrocite works immensely well on the heart chakra which also means that it leaves a positive impression on the heart. It helps heal problems related to the heart. It is believed that Lepidocrocite also helps the lungs to function properly as it aids in oxygenating the cells. The stone leaves a positive impact on the liver and the reproductive area. It is especially suitable for a woman who is undergoing hormonal shifts or suffering from pre-menstrual depression. The stone helps to stabilize her feelings, making her calm and in control of situations. If a person is healing from drug or alcohol abuse, this stone is believed to be helping in bringing the person out of depression.

Emotional Healing – If you have had a traumatic or abusive childhood and continue to feel that it hampers your adult life, seeking help is always better. As a healing stone, it is believed that Lepidocrocite helps to heal a person who is emotionally damaged because of a traumatic childhood. The stone aids to release the trauma that is trapped within yourself for years so that you can acknowledge and deal with it. The stone is also helpful in dealing with issues of ADHD and hyperactivity. The loving and positive energies of the stone helps in sustaining romantic relationships. Thanks to the stone, you can feel closer to your partner and have open, free conversations far more easily. The stone helps free the communications channels that may otherwise hinder conversations with your partner. Since the stone works closely on the heart chakra, it also helps forgive your partner. The stone makes a way to your heart opening it for your partner to read and understand.

Spiritual Healing – Since one of the primary functions of the stone is to help deal with fear, it also means that the stone brings a wearer closer to Divine energies. The stone helps you delve deeper into spiritualism thus bringing you close to yourself, especially emotionally. The positive energies of the stone are beneficial if you choose to meditate with it.

Chakra Healing – Lepidocrocite works on the heart chakra, making the heart stronger and more positive. The stone helps a wearer communicate better and also leads to a healthier life.

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