Medieval Runes of Healing & Magic (N3)


They were not used in rune casting but for protection and healing. Carry them with you for healing and protection.

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Medieval runes of healing and magic

The Medieval runes of healing and Magick are special as they were not used in rune casting but for protection and healing. You carry them to help with healing and protection. Medieval runes were mainly associated with gods and goddesses that were worshiped secretly in Christian times. For almost all other rune sets you should be able to find some divinatory meanings for each rune in its set. This is where the Medieval runes differ from the rest. They were never used for divination purposes and are actually not a rune row in their own right. What they are is individual runic symbols that hold magickal properties of protection and healing. They are probably the least known of the rune sets. They are said to originate in the Middle Ages and are largely thought to be Germanic or Dutch in origin.

Each set comes with a leaflet with information regarding the sound, name, magical and healing use of each of the 8 stone runes.

Please note that he image on this page represent the quality & size you can expect to receive, not the actual stones as seen in image. Because each stone is unique & one of a kind. Rune characters are hand drawn on the stones. The runes are hand picked so there will be variation in colour and shape. Rune characters may need to be re-drawn as they may fade in time due to the smoothness of the stones. Do not wash them, clear with smudge.