Money Spell Bottle / Jar


Helps with abundance, fortune, blessings, success, business.

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Money Spell Bottle / Jar. Help with abundance, fortune, blessings, success, and business success.

A spell bottle is simply a magic spell inside a bottle. Already activated for your use. Filled with one or more magically charged items. Magically charged items may include herbs, stones, salts, charms, drops of essential or magic oils, amulets, and crystals etc.

Where to place Money Spell Bottle / Jar:

They are buried under the threshold or hidden up in a chimney, placed on your altar, placed on a windowsill, or hidden in a “special’ place. It is up to you where you want to place it. Do not, however, let other people touch it. So it is best to place it where others can’t see or handle it. On the altar (be it a wiccan or Christian altar); say prayers over it and it becomes a permanent part of the altar furnishings as long as the spell is in effect or being worked on.

How to work with your spell bottle:

Choose a candle of the appropriate color to complement the magic intent of your bottle. Or use a white candle if you do not have any colored candles. Light the candle. Hold the spell bottle in your hands and imagine power flowing into you from above. Envision the energy coursing into your arms and will it into your spell bottle. As you do this, visualize the desired outcome of the magick spell. See it as complete. This is very important. When you add power to any object or spell, always envision the desired outcome. Not the steps required or the magic working to make it so. With your will, see the power flowing into your spell bottle. Place the charm bottle beside the lit candle, so that the candle’s magickal sphere of energy is absorbed into the charm bottle. Let the candle burn out.