Mystic Dream Sacred Anointing Oil


Powerful aid for enhancing dream work, spiritual exploration, and intuitive insights during sleep.

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Mystic Dream Sacred Anointing Oil is designed to enhance dream work, promote relaxation, and facilitate spiritual exploration during sleep. Its uses, meanings, and common applications are focused on fostering vivid dreams, intuitive insights, and deep spiritual experiences:

1. Enhancing Dream Recall and Lucid Dreaming:
  • Intent: Improve dream recall and facilitate lucid dreaming.
  • Meaning: Anoint the body before sleep to enhance dream memory and promote awareness within dreams, allowing practitioners to explore the dream realm with greater clarity and control.
2. Deepening Spiritual Insights and Intuition:
  • Intent: Facilitate spiritual exploration and intuitive guidance during sleep.
  • Meaning: By anointing oneself with Mystic Dream Oil, practitioners seek to open themselves to receive spiritual insights, messages, and guidance from the subconscious mind and the higher self during sleep.
3. Promoting Relaxation and Restful Sleep:
  • Intent: Encourage relaxation and restorative sleep.
  • Meaning: The oil is used to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere conducive to restful sleep, helping to soothe the mind, release tension, and promote a sense of serenity and well-being.
4. Astral Projection and Journeying:
  • Intent: Support astral projection and journeying during sleep.
  • Meaning: Mystic Dream Oil is believed to aid in the process of astral projection and journeying, allowing practitioners to explore the astral realm and other dimensions while their physical body rests.
5. Spiritual Cleansing and Protection:
  • Intent: Cleanse and protect the dream space from negative energies.
  • Meaning: Practitioners may anoint their sleeping area with Mystic Dream Oil to create a sacred and protected space for dreaming, shielding against unwanted influences and promoting positive and enlightening dream experiences.
6. Enhancing Divination and Psychic Abilities:
  • Intent: Amplify divinatory and psychic abilities during sleep.
  • Meaning: The oil is used to heighten one’s psychic sensitivity and intuitive faculties, facilitating deeper connections with the subconscious mind, spirit guides, and higher realms during dream states.
7. Manifesting Desires and Intentions:
  • Intent: Program dreams to manifest specific desires and intentions.
  • Meaning: Practitioners may anoint themselves or their pillows with Mystic Dream Oil while visualizing their desires and intentions, programming their dreams to align with their goals and aspirations.
Common Uses of mystic dream sacred anointing oil:
  • Anointing the body before sleep, focusing on pulse points such as the wrists, temples, or third eye.
  • Anointing pillows, bedding, or sleep masks to infuse the sleeping environment with the oil’s dream-enhancing properties.
  • Using in conjunction with meditation or relaxation techniques before bedtime to prepare the mind and body for deep and restorative sleep.
  • Incorporating into dream rituals or ceremonies to set intentions for dream work and spiritual exploration.

Mystic Dream Sacred anointing Oil serves as a powerful aid for enhancing dream work, spiritual exploration, and intuitive insights during sleep. Its uses and meanings encompass a range of intentions, from promoting relaxation and restful sleep to facilitating astral projection and intuitive guidance.