Ocean Breeze Ash Catcher (IN448)


Incense ash catcher.

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Ocean breeze Ash Catcher

This handmade incense holder has a beautiful design on top and rustic finish. This stylish holder with modern design make this holder a complete eye-catcher.

Round ocean breeze Ash Catcher or Incense tray catch all the ash. It creates no mess and easy to empty and clean. The hole at one end of the incense stand enable us to place the stick appropriately and making the surrounding filled with aroma.

Incense burner is a perfect gift for housewarming or gift to friends & family who are into meditation or yoga.

In conclusion positive energy is released in your room which help you to stay calm and meditate peacefully. Use with White Sage Incense Sticks (SAC) (IN400)

Ignite the smallest point of the incense with a lighter, match, or other open flame. Meanwhile allow it to catch fire, quickly blow out the flame. Finally what remain should be a smoldering ember which will slowly burn and release its aromatic compounds.

Place incense sticks in a dish specifically designed for incense, or a bowl of sand. Snuff out the ember. Keep embers and open flame away from flammable material.

Incense burn time vary. Use Bead Inlay Wood Incense Ash Catcher (IN423)

All proceeds of these items are used to feed the cats in our cat rescue sanctuary.