Opalite, Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace (NE18)


Attract success, psychic abilities, remove energy blockages of chakras & Meridians. Love, friendship, patience.

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Opalite: Known as the stone of happy dreams & changes. Cosmic consciousness. Loyalty, love, passion. Stabilize emotions. Believed to help relax woman during childbirth. Thought to disperse infections & alleviate fever. Purifying blood & kidneys. Insulin production. Remove energy blockages of chakras & Meridians. Business success. Use in meditation. Heal the earth’s energy field. Chakra: Third eye

Freshwater pearl: Pearl is often used for its beauty as well as its healing properties. It is associated with, purity, innocence, honesty, love, friendship, patience, understanding, faith, and peace. It will teach about love and beauty and is considered a protector of virginity. It has a tendency to increase the emotions, thus making them easier to appreciate or change. Pearls enhances personal integrity and helps clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance. Enhances sincerity, truth and loyalty and bring calming reflection. Pearl has a tendency to reflect your true or higher self. Very absorbing in nature. It can help one to face their darkest fears. It heightens our appreciation of music and can be used when singing, toning, or chanting.