Petitgrain Fragrance Oil 50ml (CR40)


Innocence, fertility and eternal love.

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Petitgrain fragrance oil: It eases insomnia and depression and calms the nerves. Symbolizes innocence, fertility and eternal love.

Petitgrain bring calming energy in through the crown and move it through the spine and Central Nervous System, balancing all the energy centers as it goes.

Complex, floral/green leaf aroma with fresh, tart notes of citrus zest, citrus blossom and slight woody undertones.

Blends Well With: Bergamot 50ml Fragrance Oil (CR38)  Geranium 50ml Fragrance Oil (CR37) Lemon Balm (Melissa) 50ml Fragrance Oil (CR32)

How to use petitgrain fragrance oils in a oil burner:

Place 3-5 drops of the oil together with some water into the top of an oil burner until it’s 1/2-3/4 of the way full. Place the burner in a safe location, away from children, pets or burning hazards. Light the candle at the base of the burner. The oil/water mixture will start to heat and evaporate, scenting the room. (You can also use burner salt instead of water in the oil burner).

Other uses:

Use as a room spray, can be used on a fragrance ring or fragrance pendant, add to potpourri bag, or onto scented rocks, or sprinkle your favorite Fragrance Oil into the wax near the wick of a candle before it is lit. As the candle burns, the oil will heat up and the fragrance will drift throughout the room.