Petrified Wood Stone Slice (SSP1)


Steady growth, a strong body, past-life recall, patience, inner peace. Spiritual transformation.

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Petrified wood

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12 cm x 9.5 cm

Which is also known as Fossilized Wood or Agatized Wood, forms when a tree has died and silicon dioxide forms in place of the wood that degrades until there is no wood left, only Quartz.

Steady growth, a strong body, past-life recall, patience, inner peace. Petrified wood is a stone of roots, beginnings and ancient knowledge. It encourages slow, steady growth towards spiritual transformation. It instills strength of character and helps one live by one’s ideals. It gives us a sense of peace during times of change. Petrified wood can assist in accessing information from ancestral DNA or past lives, and can ground these insights into our current reality.

Petrified Wood is also said to help with arthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s. Petrified Wood is known to be effective in fortifying the skeletal system and with treating teeth-related issues. It can also help with cellular damage brought about by radioactive or chemical pollution.

Chakras:   Base, third eye, sacral

The stone is used magically to bring knowledge and understanding of trees, often considered to be the kings of the plant kingdom, because the stone preserves the energy pattern of the tree whose form it has taken. It is a stone of roots and beginnings, used to draw strength and knowledge from the ancestor spirits. Helps past life regression and communication with souls from the past as well as finding out whom and what you really are and where your destiny is leading you. Petrified Wood develops the powers of instinct and intuition so that you can use them to speak with and gain understanding from the spirits of those who have gone before us.

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Weight 0.321 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9.5 cm