Pi Stone – Black Stone Pendant


These sacred stones can be used for your altars, as personal medicine stones, power stones, mesa stones as they help hold and channel specific energies.

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Pi Stone – Black Stone Pendant

3.5 x 3.5 cm

Pi Stones  represent the human luminous energy field. Luminous energy surrounds and envelopes the physical body. Known as the blueprint for our physical, emotional, & spiritual selves. This luminous field enters our body starting with our feet and then rises up through our core center, through our spine to the top of our heads. Then down our arms and hands and then enters the earth. This creates a donut-shaped luminous field that informs and envelopes us. This is the understanding of what the Pi Stones shape comes from. 

The Laika ”The Earth Keepers” also known as Shamans, Native American medicine men, and women who carefully guarded their teachings. Knows exactly what Pi Stones are used for, earth keepers try to teach us to rewrite our lives by doing what the shamans do “Dream the world into being”. The Laika teaches us that the Pi Stone is a portal or gateway to other realms. They also teach us that the Pi Stones are simply Stones and that we are the true portals or gateway. When you become an access point to this hyperdimensional matrix, your luminous energy field is unbound from time and you are no longer an effect of the past, and the events that have occurred in your life when you were younger or in past lives. We are the results of our futures and of our destinies reaching back propelling us into becoming. 

The Pi Stone is a representation of our power and ability to be a conduit. It is a manifesting Stone. The Pi Stone can be worn like a necklace or it can be placed on your altar. To bring the energy of the 9 rites.

Pi stones are typically gifted after receiving the last of the nine Munay Ki Rites. But if it was not gifted to you, you can anoint/activate it yourself.  Place your intention/wish upon it, anoint it, then pass it through incense and place it in the full moon.

All pi stone donuts display their own unique patterns and colorings.