Polychrome Jasper Heart (MI66)


Help in attracting romance, love & relationships. Being true to yourself, embracing life, honoring limitations.

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Polychrome Jasper heart also known as desert jasper and Royal Savannah jasper. Signify being true to yourself. Embrace life enthusiastically. Honor limitation, as well as a fiery energy, which facilitate action and courage.

Clear energy blockage through the body enabling a rebirth or transformation. Inspire energy and vitality by tapping into the core of earth energy. Stone of stability and balance. Encourage our emotional and physical bodies to connect. Create a sense of wholeness. It’s also used in assisting communicating with animals.

Help in attracting love, a new romance, as well as a new relationship. Likewise used in easing stress, and increasing stamina. It also include the capacity to adjust in any change.

In addition help you start a new cycle of life after suffering from a major setback in life. This jasper come in various colors. All of these colors may help in balancing the vibrations of the body. 

First discovered in 2006, in Madagascar. It’s actually named polychrome jasper heart for its multiple colors. Its colors are actually a mix of gray green colors, rusty to chocolate browns, and mottled sand.

Finally beneficial in boosting the immunity, as well as cleanse the toxins and pollutants in the body. Fortify the stomach and the intestines. Balance the mineral content of the body. Use in easing allergy. Good for the gallbladder and in soothing the stomach.

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