Rainbow Bismuth (BIS12)


All chakras. Aiding travel between the physical plane and realms of astral and spirit. It can also help with visualization while shamanic journeying.

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Spiritual: Rainbow Bismuth (BIS12) crystal is a stone for anyone who is actively journeying. Help us feel deeply connected to our Highest Self and other spiritual energies. It has both grounding and expansive energy, helping us be comfortable with change and eager for positive transformation. When we feel lonely or lost, Rainbow Bismuth can help us to easily connect with something or someone, allowing us to regain our confidence and enthusiasm. Bismuth work on all chakras. Work well with Chakra Chip Stone Bracelet (B208)

Emotional: Bismuth has a very comforting and friendly energy. It helps us to feel more secure in our relationships with people, and with the world at large. Bismuth helps us to make our needs known and to show others our value and unique qualities. Help us handle change gracefully. Stay calm even if everyone around us is in a panic. Bismuth help couples deepen their connection, often leading to marriage or long-term partnership. It encourages us to work well with others, while maintaining our own independence. Bismuth invites us to enjoy the journey as we grow and evolve over the course of our lifetime.

Mental: Bismuth is a fantastic stone for anyone who is setting goals or has big dreams. Bismuth keeps us looking forward to the future, rather than dwelling on the past. It helps our mind to stay sharp, focused and engaged in the present.

Physical: metaphysical healers use rainbow Bismuth (BIS12) to treat people in comas or catatonic states, help the patient move back into life. It is also said to help reduce fever.