Red Phantom Quartz (CON104)


This crystal is very powerful in activating the Kundalini energies in the body

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Red phantom quartz – Congo

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Red Phantom Quartz usually contains a mixture of an Iron Oxide such as Lepidocrocite, Magnetite or Hematite, and Limonite and Kaolinite.

This crystal is very powerful in activating the Kundalini energies in the body. The Hematite within the Quartz dissolves all negativity transmuting it with love. The Limonite in Quartz is a variety of iron oxide, and will assist in healing the liver, providing vitality. The Kaolinite in Quartz is a strong banisher of any obstacles on your life path. This type of Red Phantom Crystal gives a powerful healing of the mind, body and spirit.

This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, induces perseverance.

Red Phantom Quartz stimulates physical healing energy, vitality and energetic boosts in general, passion and creativity. It is an excellent Quartz to work with the lower chakras and supports us in raising the vibrations of these lower energy centres, allowing us to release fear and open up to express ourselves from a more rooted, stronger, more stable foundation. This is on all levels too, so our mind is clearer and more connected to our Higher Self, our emotions are more stable and grounded and our physical energy is stimulated and raised.

Red Phantom Quartz helps us to get in touch with our higher self in order to tap into both self and Universal knowledge.  It works to ground any nervous based energy and anchor us firmly in reality, so that we can listen to our inner voice and tune into understanding what our Higher Self truly needs in order to evolve. Red Phantom Quartz allows us to see through any self illusion so we can access the truer, deeper parts of ourselves. This aids us in seeing both our light and our darkness, for there are power and gifts in both.

Red Phantom Quartz releases stress, heals the inner-child, boosts self-esteem, will power and is a master healer for any condition. Red Phantom Quartz may be useful for healing old patterns and removing compulsions, addictions, over eating, smoking, over indulging, hysteria, and inflammation.

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