Rose Quartz and Chakra Wand (R28)


Wands are used for clearing energy, magic spell casting, healing, aura clearing.

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How to use wands:

Hold the wand in your right hand for most activities. According to most texts, the wand should be held in the right hand while praying or while summoning or addressing spirits. When dismissing spirits, however, hold the wand in the opposite hand. In this way, the wand is a sort of defensive weapon. Alternatively, hold the wand in your dominant hand or writing hand. Think of the wand as transferring energy from your dominant hand to your other, receiving hand. Energy should flow from your center, through your arm and hand, and out the point of your wand to the receiving hand.

  • Activating energy: Use the wand to make figure 8 throughout a room or space, this opens and activates the energy.
  • Casting spells: Strokes are simply the movements that you make with your wand. They are a way of bringing your inner intentions to the external world. Different people use a different number of strokes when casting a spell. It might be helpful to think of each stroke as forming a letter. Some say this is how the word spell came into being—by spelling out your intention with strokes.
  • Direct your wand toward an afflicted area for physical healing. The wand does not need to touch the area, but it should be pointed away from you and toward the target area. You might make circular motions with the wand and incorporate a prayer, mantra, or incantation.
  • Clear away any physical blockages. Since wands transmit energy, they improve energy flow through the body. This can be applied to breaking down blockages in a variety of systems, such as the circulatory and nervous systems. Clear away blockages by pointing the wand at the blocked area or areas, and focusing your energy and any verbal prayers or mantras that you might like to use.
  • Expel negative psychological energy from yourself. In this case, you would point the wand toward yourself. Meditate on the negative thoughts and feelings, and allow the wand to draw them out. You might speak your wishes at this point as well.
  • Align chakras and auras. Many people do this while lying down. Run the wand over your body and focus on when and where the wand vibrates. These areas require more attention from the wand. Once the wand stops vibrating, your auras are cleansed.