Rose Quartz Merkaba Pendant (RQM2)


Rose Quartz Merkaba Pendant

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Rose Quartz Merkaba Pendant

1.8 x 1.8 cm

Long been considered as a medium of ascension. People have used its powers to raise their vibrations since ancient times.

This, in actuality, is everything that surrounds us. It is an integral element of the energy that envelops the universe. Merkaba fractures materialistic aspects of the human mind to make way or perpetual light in an attempt to ascend a human to a higher transformational dimension. It carries within it an extraordinary capacity for spiritual transformation.

A Merkaba is employed by Seekers and Real Walkers to teleport into astral dimensions to connect to a higher consciousness. An excellent tool for self-healing. Whenever a person is drowning in grief, self-hatred or insecurity, he can raise his vibration through Merkaba.