Sacred Flame Sacred Anointing Oil


Connect with fire elementals and deities. Support manifestation and goal setting. Ignite love and passion.

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Sacred Flame Sacred Anointing Oil is a potent blend that embodies the transformative and purifying energy of fire. Fire has long been a symbol of passion, creativity, courage, and purification. This oil is designed to invoke these fiery qualities, helping to ignite inner strength, clear away negativity, and inspire bold action and creativity.

Common Uses:
  1. Purification and Cleansing:
    • Purpose: Remove negative energy and purify spaces and objects.
    • Usage: Anoint doors, windows, and ritual tools to cleanse and protect them. Use in purification rituals by anointing candles or burning the oil in a diffuser to clear away stagnant or harmful energies.
  2. Boosting Creativity and Inspiration:
    • Purpose: Stimulate creativity and spark new ideas.
    • Usage: Apply to your pulse points or diffuse in your workspace when engaging in creative activities such as writing, painting, or brainstorming. Anoint your third eye chakra to open channels of inspiration.
  3. Enhancing Courage and Confidence:
    • Purpose: Increase personal power, courage, and self-confidence.
    • Usage: Anoint yourself before important events, such as interviews, presentations, or performances, to boost your confidence and courage. Apply to the solar plexus chakra to enhance personal power and self-assurance.
  4. Love and Passion Spells:
    • Purpose: Ignite passion and enhance romantic relationships.
    • Usage: Use in love spells or rituals to invoke passion and strengthen romantic bonds. Anoint candles, yourself, or ritual tools during love rituals to intensify the energy of desire and attraction.
  5. Manifestation and Goal Setting:
    • Purpose: Focus energy on manifesting desires and achieving goals.
    • Usage: Anoint yourself, candles, or vision boards while focusing on your goals and desires. Use during manifestation rituals to amplify your intentions and draw your desires into reality.
  6. Connecting with Fire Elementals and Deities:
    • Purpose: Honor and invoke fire elementals and deities.
    • Usage: Use in rituals dedicated to fire elementals or deities such as Brigid, Pele, or Agni. Anoint altar items, offerings, or yourself to invite their presence and blessings.

Sacred Flame Sacred Anointing Oil is a powerful blend designed to harness the transformative and purifying energy of fire. Its primary uses include purification and cleansing, boosting creativity and inspiration, enhancing courage and confidence, igniting love and passion, supporting manifestation and goal setting, and connecting with fire elementals and deities. By incorporating this oil into your spiritual practices, you can ignite your inner flame, clear away negativity, and inspire bold action and creativity.