Sandalwood Incense Sticks (SAC) (IN335)


It is used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding, cleansing, protection.

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Sandalwood incense sticks stimulate clairvoyance.  Burned for protection, healing, exorcisms, spirituality, wishes, full moon esbats, even wards negativity, astral projection, reincarnation and spirit offering. Sandalwood incense sticks is to heighten spiritual vibrations, cleanse, heal and protect.  When mixed with lavender Lavender Incense Sticks (SAC) (IN204) it makes an incense designed to conjure spirits

To burn incense are an important ritual since ancient times. Originated in Egypt in the time of the Old Kingdom, once used by priests for fumigating tombs. Used in conjunction with ceremonies, for instance spiritual and religious rituals. Over centuries and throughout modern world people use incense for variety reasons including various religious practices,  a tool to counteract bad even disagreeable odors. Indeed repel negativity,demons, evil spirits.

Incense definition: any plant matter burned for its aromatic or spiritual properties. Resins, barks, seeds, roots, flowers are plant-based aromatic materials  used to make incense resins.

Ignite the smallest point of the incense with a lighter, match, or other open flame. Allow it to catch fire, quickly blow out the flame. Finally what remains should be a smoldering ember which will slowly burn and release its aromatic compounds.

Place incense in a dish specifically designed for incense, or a bowl of sand. Snuff out the ember. Keep embers and open flame away from flammable materials.

Incense burn time vary. Use Bead Inlay Wood Incense Ash Catcher (IN423)