Selenite (Pink/Peach) Ball (S105)


Protection of aura, energy and environment, cleanse blockages in meditation, lift one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience.

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Selenite (Magdalene Rose Portal Crystal)

Selenite, also known as satin spar, desert rose, or gypsum flower are four crystal structure varieties of the mineral gypsum. These four varieties of gypsum may be grouped together and called selenite.

It is a stone of transformation. It helps to heal old emotional wounds and transforms this negative energy to healing, forgiveness and acceptance. Use peach selenite to increase self awareness and travel a new path.

As you enter the Magdalene Rose Portal in time and energy you enter, the ‘I AM‘ Presence of the Magdalene. The feminine essence of Divinity that beckons forth from the ancient past whispering softly into the Now. Enter the soft strong powerful heart of the Magdalene via the Rose Portal Crystal. Your heart feels the presence of the Magdalene and yet it has not been anchored in her light. Your soul seeks a connection with that which seems fleeting and hidden from view. Like a longing that still lingers.  The knowledge of the Magdalene has long been sought after for it is worth its weight in gold. It changes history and asks one to see with a new lens the possibilities of different time lines. All that one holds as a deep truth eventually fulfills its destiny and comes to the surface to be seen.

Selenite is one of the most important tools to have in your energy tool kit because it doesn’t need to be recharged. Meaning, no matter how many times you use it, it will still operate with the same high-vibe, energetic power. Its ability to not dull as it absorbs and dissipates negative energy is why it is so often used to cleanse and recharge other crystals. This is also what makes it so useful when looking to recharge yourself.