Shark Tooth Fossil Wire Wrapped Pendant (NW19)


Transition, transformation and personal growth, protection.

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Shark Tooth Fossil (assorted) is used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and prior worlds. It helps dispense old programming and heighten accomplishments in business. Fossils are a wonderful tool to assist you in moving from the old to the new and to be receptive to the fresh, innovative forces that are available to you. Fossils can assist you in your quest for transition, transformation and personal growth, helping you to understand the process of change. They can help you instill quality and excellence in your environment.

People wearing the shark tooth are adept in extreme social situations and masters at survival in their own life. Sharks teeth are made up of calcium phosphate minerals, so traditionally believed to treat calcium deficiency. Sharks are symbolic of acting in life, so it is said to give the strength to the body.

Believed to build up the immune system, it promotes the restoration of cells, detoxify the blood and improves the illness. It is supposed to alleviate the severe pains and solve the problem of chronic alcoholism.

Before shark tooth jewelry became a fashion statement, Hawaiians wore shark teeth to protect themselves from sharks. They also worship and have a great respect for sharks, and believe that some sharks embody ancestors and gods, known as ‘aumakua’.

Like ancient Hawaiians, many surfers wear shark tooth necklaces for superstitious reasons as well. Wearing a shark tooth is said to prevent sharks from attacking you and protect you while you’re at sea. Sailors often wear them for good luck and protection from drowning. In the Middle Ages, people wore a shark tooth to protect them from poison in foods and beverages. Shark teeth have also long been a symbol of strength and manhood.