Shell Pearl Necklace & Earrings (SHP3)


Protection, fertility, attract prosperity and to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination.

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Shell Pearls are made from the inner lining of oyster shells, also known as Mother of Pearl. The substance is ground to a fine powder, shaped, dyed and coated with natural pearl nacre and then a protective coating to give it lustre.  Indeed, they are more durable than cultured and freshwater pearls

Mother-of-pearl shell is commonly believed to attract prosperity and to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination. It is believed that mother-of-pearl shell offers soothing, motherly protection from negative energy and love. Due to this, mother-of-pearl shell is a recommended crystal healing gemstone for children.

Mother-of-pearl shell turns on the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Throat Chakra.

A protection stone, Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea. It is a stress relieving stone; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced. This stone is also an influential stone which may activate the solar plexus, as well as the throat chakras. This may also work in sending out the wisdom of the heart to those who are around the possessor.

This gem is known to be essential in treating vision problems, wounds, and dizziness. It may also help the body in preventing any infections, as well as in rooting out any hidden conditions and physical illnesses, This stone also has the capacity in motivating you, in order to keep yourself fit. It may also assist in treating muscle spasms and strains. It might be so essential for the nerves too. The mother of pearl may also stimulate reflex action, as well as boost the immunity through ridding off toxins.