Space & Energy Clearing Manual (GM30)


Space & energy clearing manual

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Space & energy clearing manual

We all need to do a space and energy clearing session every now and then when the energy around us gets stuck and negativity starts to surround us. This manual is a easy to use guide to teach you how to do a smudging or energy space clearing session.

This 50 page manual includes the following topics:

How to prepare yourself for space clearing. Connecting to higher self, sensing energy and energy scanning. Setting clear intentions, grounding and protecting yourself. Preparing your mind. Practice the mudras. Tools for space clearing. Blessing tray, colours, flowers and plants. Fruits and grains, salt, smudging, and crystals. Crystal grid and anointing oils. Also herbs and resins. Incense, candles, prayers, sound, feathers and holy water. Finally affirmations, pendulums and dowsing. Reiki. Days of the week. And also how to do the actual space clearing and how to Feng Shui your home.

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