Suncatcher with Mirrors (Sun11)


Suncatcher/Light catcher to balance the aura of your house/business.

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Suncatcher can be used to clear, energize and balance your houses chakras. House chakras need cleansing and clearing just like we do. A suncatcher is like the optical equivalent to a wind chime. Just hang it in a window to catch the sunlight which pulls light energy into your home.

Chakras or energy centres are structures which are most often perceived as spinning “wheels” of energy by healers.  They are like little mirrors which reflect what is happening in our lives at a personal and spiritual level.

Its helps align the energy of a home by intentionally opening us up to a variety of energetic possibilities. Like the variety of colors in the rainbow spectrum that might be even more aligned with our desires that we think.

When using a suncatcher with mirrors on it, it can be used to reverse curses and ill wishes. The mirrors  just ‘’return to sender’’, which means the negativity they send to you does not reach you but returns to them.

Hanging up a sun-catcher creates a ripple effect of transformation in your life. Because you give your mind a jolt of cleansing energy, subconsciously inspiring you to make shifts and even take major action in your life. Combined Chakra Essence 50ml (AP23)