Tigers Eye Clip On Earring (SQ122)


Psychic abilities, balance lower chakras, stimulate kundalini energy. Protect against ill wishes and curses.

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Tigers eye (Brown – Yellow, Gold)

Balance between extremes, discernment, vitality, strength, practicality, fairness. Tiger Eye is a solar stone of vitality, practicality and physical action. It helps to create harmony and balance between extreme view points or dualities, and is helpful in conflict or mediation. Tiger Eye helps us to take effective action in response to the needs and challenges of physical life. Enhance psychic abilities, balance lower chakras, stimulate the rise of kundalini energy. Protect against ill wishes and curses. Grounds people who feel spaced out. Helps with mental disorders. Overcome addictions. Ease depression, relieve stress.

Treats eyes, night vision, heals the throat and reproductive organs. Dissolve constrictions. Use to help heal broken bones. It is thought to be a blood fortifier, and to assist in bringing biochemistry and hormones into balance.

Use in animals: Producing soothing vibrations generation of calmness to unsettled turmoil. Allows them to enjoy being unfenced and uninhibited. Treatment for disorders in eyes, throat and the reproductive system. Good for mending from broken bones and strengthening the spinal column.

Chakras:  Base, Solar plexus, sacral

If you are forced to spend time with a person who drains your energy protect yourself with a charm bag containing Holy Thistle, Spearmint, and Walnut leaves and a piece of Tiger Eye.