Uncrossing, Banishing Magic Anointing Oil 50ml


Remove crossed conditions, negative energy and curses. Reverse harmful spells. Get rid of malevolent spirits or unwanted energies. 

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Uncrossing and banishing magic anointing oil remove crossed conditions, negative or dark energy, like spells and even curses.  Getting rid of harmful evil spirits or even unwanted energies like demons surrounding you. Return harmful or spiteful energies and curses back to people who have bad or negative intentions towards you.

Uncrossing and banishing magic anointing oil serves as a protective shield against harmful negative energies. But works with White Sage Anointing Oil 50ml (HA22)

Sanctifying, blessing and elevating sacred objects and likewise people in the service of a even higher purpose because our anointing oils are blessed, charged individually and especially formulated and used for that purpose . Even everyday people can use it with ease to improving any situations which may be troubling to you.

Christians, pastors, spiritual consultant healers, Reiki healers and even crystal healers use anointing oils. Used by individuals like traditional healers, sangomas, hoodoo, and other esoteric or spiritual fields. But working on the highest level of good for all involved because it harms none.

Anoint the entire human body, even the forehead, pulse points, even wrists with magical anointing oils created to uplift and change your life now.

Use anointing oils to anoint items like doors, door knobs, windows, outside gates, talismans. Because anointing items like jewelry and crystals, money, ritual tools, vehicles, candles will increases their power.  Anoint mojo bags, body lotions, even bath water.  However anoint your altars to positively energize and charge them; consecrate, bless, cleanse and empower them.