Witches Finger Quartz (SQ47)


Cleanse & activate all of your chakras, allowing the release of negative or sluggish energy from your auric field.

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These unusual looking crystals have an interesting energy that may assist you to understand the reason behind events that happen in your daily life. These crystals are a weird looking type of quartz that may have strange gnarly bumps on them, and they most often occur in a shape that is similar to fingers.

They help you to easily grasp the meaning of incidents that occur, and aid you to understand how this could assist with the manifestation of something that you desire. They have an energy that can also help you when you manifest the opposite of what you desire. This can be helpful, as this knowledge can help you to correct the cause and so create a new and better outcome. They may help you if you work in a job where it is important that you speak diplomatically to clients. You may benefit by the way that the energy can assist you to speak in a more sensitive or subtle manner.

Their vibration may assist you to be more tactful, and can assist with the growth of discretion, and can aid you to communicate in a more delicate and careful way. At the same time they have an energy that encourages you to be yourself, and to have the courage to live life on your own terms. They are also helpful to assist you to release fear, and through this be able to be your authentic self. Their vibration can be very helpful when you are traveling in areas that you haven’t been to before, and which may need particular attention when navigating. Their vibration is useful to assist you to safely reach your destination without getting lost. Use them in meditation to cleanse and activate any or all of your chakras, allowing the release of any negative or sluggish energy from your auric field.