Yellow Fairy Quartz (Spirit Quartz) (ROU66)


Merging with the higher self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution,  freedom from fear.

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Fairy Quartz / Spirit Quartz 

From South Africa. Magaliesberg.

0.596 kilogram

15 cm x 9 cm x 5.5 cm

Citrine Spirit Quartz varies in shades of pale yellow to gold, sometimes with a rich orange or brownish cast. It activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, aligning personal will with Divine Will, and allowing for a more focused manifestation of one’s chosen goals and those of the Higher Self. This stone purifies intent, and increases the sense of self-worth and empowerment, giving access to true abundance while releasing attachments to material things. It is particularly useful in harmonizing group efforts and focusing power for a collective cause, and is a marvelous stone for conflict-resolution and in seeking, or granting, forgiveness. Gold crystals provide the simple pleasures of life – cheerfulness and contentment, enthusiasm and success. Citrine Spirit Quartz is associated with the sign of Cancer, and utilizes Fire Energy. It may be used in devotions to Grian, the Irish Sun Fairy Queen, Ixcuiname, the Mayan Goddess of the Four Ages of Women, and Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Abundance.

Merging with the higher self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution,  freedom from fear. Spirit Quartz helps harmonize and cleanse the levels of the aura, the chakras, the meridians and the physical body. It transmutes negative energy and provides an auric shield from harm. It assists in the integration of energy on a physical level and can help eradicate discordant vibrations from the energetic field. It encourages cooperation, group consciousness and a willingness to set aside the self in favour of the higher good. It can assist those who have a fear of social situations to become open, friendly, and less shy. It helps overcome fear and is an excellent support to ease feelings of loss or grief. Support astral travel, shamanic journeying, dream work, re birthing, and meditation. Also assists at death, guiding the soul through the afterlife. Perfect for metaphysical abilities, multidimensional healing, cellular memory, re-birthing, enhancing brainwave synchronicity, fertility and blending yin yang energies.

Chakras: Solar plexus, crown, heart. Harmonize and cleanse the levels of the aura. Stimulate the auric bodies.

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Weight 0.596 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 5.5 cm