Amber Small Piece (A113)


Draws “disease” from the body.

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Amber Small Piece – you will receive 1 piece

A Solar stone closely associated with the power of the Sun and masculine energies. Replaces unhappiness and depression with bright, solar energy and can be used to help you become more comfortable with your masculine side and your natural aggression and anger.

The stone is said to balance the bodies’ electrical energy and strengthen the central nervous system. Mentally it helps combat eccentric behavior, anxiety and indecisiveness. Also used for immune system, relief for teething babies,  revitalizes tissue, therefore making it a great “stone” for wound healing, as well as for weight gain. This stone helps the Throat Chakra known for treating goiter. Opens Solar Plexus Chakra for mental clarity, mood balance and confidence

Solar plexus chakra.  Cleanse and protect. Aligns the aura with the mind, body and spirit

For many centuries Amber has been considered one the most potent of magical gems and it is a favoured stone of witches. Sacred to the Goddess Freya, whose magic girdle ‘Brisingamen’ was carved from the stone, it is often used in magic for passion or fertility. Very energizing, increases power; purification and protection from negativity, psychic and magickal vampirism;  shielding (without hiding). Used for past life work, divination and scrying.

Holds within it the power of magical attraction and can be used in charm bags, worn as jewelry and held when meditating or praying to draw good things into your life. Peace and Harmony, Love, Meditation, Purification, Air Magic.