Aqua Aura Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant (STSP4)


Calm, relaxing, releasing negativity and stress, soothing and healing the aura. All chakras. Master healer. Protect.

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Aqua aura quartz sterling silver pendant

Clear Quartz bonded with Gold; produces an electric or sky blue crystal with subtle flashes of rainbow iridescence; named for its rich aquamarine color. Enhance other minerals for healing, activation of all the chakras. Calm, relaxing, releasing negativity and stress, soothing and healing the aura. Communication. Protects against psychic attack, energy drain and spiritual vampirism. It is highly beneficial in multidimensional and cellular memory healing, bringing the body into balance

It brings together the vibration of quartz and metal. Thus together, they create a vibrational frequency that isn’t available in nature. Its a high vibration and a stimulating one. Quartz amplifies and expands the energy around it, whilst metals tend to banish or clear any negative energies when they are combined with quartz. Negative energies simply dissolve when working with any of the Aura Quartz pieces, they stay focused firmly on the positive

Clear Quartz is an extremely powerful healing and energy amplifier – absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energies of the body. Enhanced by precious metals, Aura Quartz become very high-vibrational stones that are master-healers for any condition. Likewise they carry a high level of Life Force, cleansing and enhancing the organs, stimulating the immune and energy systems, and bringing the body into balance. Hence they are considered especially beneficial for the thymus, pineal and thyroid glands, oxygenating the blood, and also for treatments of the liver, pancreas and spleen.

Aqua Aura Quartz sterling silver crystals are extraordinary stones for healing crystal grids, activating the Light body and grounding it in the physical body. For example laid along the chakras like a rainbow, the various colors raise the vibrational rate of the chakras to accommodate expanded consciousness. In conclusion, they align and purify the entire system, allowing for “Rainbow Light Body” activation and integration.