Aquamarine Pendant


Promotes inner vision and develops visualization skills and creative imagination.

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Aquamarine Pendant

1 x 2 cm

Meditation with the stone raises the spiritual level, concentrates power and reveals knowledge of the future so it is a wonderful gem to wear when practicing any form of divination. Promotes inner vision and develops visualization skills and creative imagination. In healing Aquamarine brings emotional release, which is often manifested through cleansing tears. Clears away blocks and negative energies. A very powerful stone for any person trying to better themselves or raise their spiritual awareness. Protection when travelling on the water. Recommended as a purifier of the throat and helps sore throats. Clears blocked communication and aids the user in verbal expression. This stone allows us to find our individually and be ourselves. It is helpful to those who wear it, in regards to finding love, promoting fidelity and smoothing out differences between others.  It is a good stone for teachers, counselors, chiropractors, genetic engineers, lecturers, and massage, reiki and crystal therapy practitioners.

Relieves stress and tension and is soothing to both the mind and the nerves. Helpful when feeling overwhelmed by emotions, memories or bad experiences. Brings the self control and courage to stay focused on a problem. Stress relief.  Clarifies perception and strengthens the body’s cleansing organs such as the liver, spleen, thyroid, and kidneys. Helps the eyes, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth, throat, mouth and ears. This is a very important stone for the Thymus. Releases anxiety, fear, restlessness, peaceful stillness. Allows for better breathing with allergies. This is good stone when recovering from any illness.

Calms animals.  Heart, thymus, throat, third eye chakra.

Feng Shui: Used in the Southwest (relationship, love) and in negative directions (courage, protection).