Blue Copper Turquoise .925 Sterling Silver Earrings (STSE40)


Heals karmic and present life. Luck. Connects the Kundalini and Hara Line channels. Speak your truth.

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Sterling silver, also known as 925 sterling silver, is a metal alloy used in jewelry. Traditionally, it is 92.5% silver (Ag), and 7.5% copper (Cu). Occasionally, other metals account for 7.5%, but the 925 hallmark will always indicate 92.5% silver purity. Sterling silver is an alloy, or combination of metal types. Unlike pure silver, which contains 99.9% elemental silver (Ag), sterling silver (925) contains one or more additional metals that add strength to the otherwise delicate material. Pure silver is naturally very soft, and would easily bend or break if used for jewelry without being blended with a stronger metal.

Copper Turquoise has always been considered a stone of life and beauty which brings good fortune in addition. In the ancient study is heralded as the stone of communication and brings to light undiscovered artistic abilities. As a symbol of wealth, copper turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets. This stone opens, clears and develops the thymus chakra. It connects the Kundalini and Hara Line channels at the thymus and throat chakras. It heals present life and past life blocks in the throat chakra. Blue turquoise opens, heals and releases present and past life fear and grief. This stone will heal sadness about you life and deeds. Heals karmic and present life shame and guilt.

If placed on the third eye turquoise increases intuition and meditation. If placed on the throat chakra is releases inhibitions and allows the soul to express itself again. It is ideal for someone recovering from a separation or divorce as it releases you from the commitment that is no longer there. Turquoise is helpful in exploring past lives and it will show you that fate is ongoing and depends on what you are doing at each moment in your life.

Turquoise neutralises over-acidity and alleviates the symptoms of rheumatism, gout, stomach problems and viral infections. It increases physical growth, muscular strength, warmth to the extremities, relaxes cramps and has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

This stone is and excellent reminder to drink enough water. It also helps with healing maladies of the ears, nose, throat,  larynx and neck. This is the stone for ENT Doctors, speech therapists, vocal coaches, singers, auctioneers, radio and television hosts. It helps oxygenate the blood and increase the amount of prana in the physical body.

This stone assists in healing problems with your liver, anaemia, blood health, nerve endings, increases your physical strength, mobility, ear and inner ear infections. Turquoise will improve the eyesight, throat, bladder weakness, stomach acidity and stomach problems.

This stone will ease the symptoms of rheumatism, gout, viral infections, it will relieve pain.

​It balances the entire Kundalini line. This stone operates as a link between the lower and higher kundalini chakras. It supports physical heart health. It is a very protective stone.

It strengthens the meridians of the body and the subtle energy fields. It increases the physical and psychic immune systems. Turquoise supports the assimilation of nutrients and eases viral infections. It is especially useful for cataracts. Turquoise reduces excess acidity in the system and prevents reflux, rheumatism and the stomach. It is an anti-inflammatory and detoxifies the system.