Blue Lace Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant (F314)


Aid communication. Supportive and nurturing.

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Blue lace agate

Aids communication. It is a very good nurturing and supportive stone. Renowned as the stone of peace and calmness, Blue Lace Agate reduces tension and heals the effects of stress. It is especially soothing to sensitive people who are at risk of being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and energies or to violent people who find it difficult to talk about their anger. Releases suppressed femininity and help you to be comfortable with the female aspect of your nature. Works well for workshop presenters, lecturers, teachers, and motivational speakers. Helps you to express the  highest spiritual truths. Helps build confidence. Enhance loyalty and trustworthiness. Works to amplify positive affirmations. This stone will also assist to balance the throat chakra of those who struggle to stop talking.

Healing: Helps with fighting inflammation, fever and infection. Placed on the 3rd Eye the stone soothes headaches, especially if you visualise the pain being drawn into the delicate banding on the stone. Placed under the pillow it helps bring a deep and healing sleep and is especially soothing for restless babies and children. Used for skeletal issues, arthritis. Helps to protect the throat from over-stimulation, and eases sore throat, laryngitis, or other inflammations in the throat area. Can be used effectively when using sound healing.

Use in animals: Promotes sleep, calms an anxious pet, and boosts self-esteem. Reduces  barking. Neutralizes feelings of anger. Helps with animal communication

Throat, third eye chakra.  Calms and soothes the aura. As a elixir it treats brain fluid imbalances and hydrocephalus.

Increases the magical power of the voice, granting the wearer a silver tongue and the ability to express their feelings. Also assists in communicating with spirit guides, familiars etc.

Feng Shui: Blue lace agate crystals impart water energy in Feng Shui. They encourage stillness and quiet. These crystals are placed in the north end of a home or room that is most often used for quiet reflection and relaxation