Bruno Jasper .925 Sterling Silver Pendant (STSP67)


Help develop feelings of harmony within the self. Use for astral travel.

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Bruno jasper sterling silver pendant invite the feeling of love, empathy, and forbearance. Bruneau Jasper Proffer generosity and imparts truth which allow the person to be honest with himself. Help overcome all dark feelings like insecurities, fear, and self-guilt thereby strengthening relationships with self and others. Just as the positive energy of this stone maintain a sense of tranquility. It is also a type of  jasper and all jaspers are supreme nurturing stones.

Hold strong positive Earth energy which can heal the person emotionally, spiritually and physically. Balance root chakra where the entire flow of kinesthetic energy is stored. Additionally bring about energy, strength, and toughness. Release depression. Balance yin yang.

Speed up the healing process of broken tissues. In addition, work on abdominal portion, intestine, kidney, gallbladder, and liver and also epilepsy, hemorrhoids, and also gout.

In conclusion bring about spiritual wisdom, teaching that life is a divine gift and one must enjoy all moments of it. Good for meditation. Help develop feelings of harmony within the self. Use for astral travel.

Bruno jasper sterling silver pendant stone release the deep-seated emotions or ill feelings,  thus making life more enjoyable by filling in peace and positive vibes.

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