Chakra & Holy Trinity Bracelet (CHB9)


Open, balance and protect the chakras. Chakra & Holy Trinity Bracelet

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Chakra & Holy Trinity charm bracelet

Chakras or energy centres are structures which are most often perceived as spinning “wheels” of energy by healers.  They are like little mirrors which reflect what is happening in our lives at a personal and spiritual level.  These little mirrors react to both external and internal (mental/emotional) stimuli. These energy centres function like pumps or valves, which regulate the flow of energy and are the network used to convey life force to each cell in the entire body. When these energy centres are blocked or restricted in any way it can manifest physical diseases throughout the body.

Chakra & Holy trinity charm bracelet includes:

Base chakra (Red) – e.g. Jasper, coral etc

Sacral chakra – Lower abdomen (Orange) – e.g. Carnelian etc

Solar plexus (Yellow) – Tiger eye/Yellow jasper etc

Heart chakra (green)  – Aventurine/amazonite etc

Throat chakra (light blue)  – Turquoise/Howlite/crazy lace agate etc

Third eye (dark blue) – Lapis Lazuli / Sodalite etc

Crown chakra (purple/violet) – Amethyst/sugulite etc

Included: Clear Quartz

The charm meaning:

The sun is a symbol of light and clarity. The crescent moon is a symbol of new beginnings. Stars are symbolic of truth and guidance.

On a symbolic and mythological level, Star, Moon and Sun seem to be a trinity of the divine. Or at least, they are deeply connected with the divine because they are beyond Earth. They are way up there in the Heavens, way above the world of humans.

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