Clearing & Smudging Herbs in White Holder (CR52)


Remove negativity with House and business clearing kits

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Clearing & Smudging Herbs in holder

Mixed herbs to smudge with. Comes in a tin holder to store your smudge herbs in (all proceeds of this item is used for the Cat sanctuary.  Donate To Cat Sanctuary


Energy debris has mostly been related to negative thoughts, sentiments, and occurrences and stress emanating from your space. Your house/business absorbs everything happening in your surroundings. The accumulation of these negative energies occurs in the corners and places that are tucked away. But don’t worry; a thorough house cleansing can help you to get rid of all the negative things.

Space clearing can be done at anytime.

It is good to do space clearings:

  • Before construction of a new home/ business
  • Before moving into a new home/business
  • After any misfortune
  • Anytime you need a lift
  • When any negativity is felt or experienced, or when you, your house or business has been in contact with any negativity.
  • When your area feels stagnant or sluggish or depressed

Clearing & Smudging Herbs in holder (All proceeds are used for the cat sanctuary at Gems For Healing. If you would like to donate to the cat sanctuary, follow the link Donate To Cat Sanctuary