Dendritic Agate Wire Wrapped Pendant (F329)


Stone of plenitude. overcoming envy, guilt, shame, blame and other self destructive emotions.

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Dendritic agate

Known as a stone of plenitude. Brings abundance in all areas of life. Helps you to stay positive when faced with transformation. Helps you to keep in touch with the physical world around you. This stone helps you to see your habits and behaviors and helps you to change them. You are encouraged to remain positive while experiencing negative situations. Assists you in overcoming the sources of envy, guilt, shame, blame and other self destructive emotions. Teaches you to forgive.

Overcoming addictions. Works with anything in the body that branches out like blood vessels and the nervous system. Stone treats neuralgia, skeletal disorders, stress, and back pain. Reverses capillary degeneration, and stimulates capillary system. Provides pain relief. Also used in plant healing and healing the earth itself. It stabilizes vortices in the earth’s energy field and can overcome ‘black ley lines’.

Use in animals: Finds the cause of bad behaviour and teaches you how to release and overcome it. Helps with dogs that bark to much. Helps treat injuries to the nervous system, skeletal and blood system in the body.

All chakras. Helps to purify the energy field.

Place on altar to help you achieve your desired insight and any behavior changes you want in your life or surrounding area. Helps enhance communication with the plant kingdom and deepens your connection to the earth.

Works well for those involved in meditation practice, therapy, re-birthing, those doing 12 step programs or any serious inner work.