Desert Rose (Sand Rose) (DRM2)


Talismans for protection, overcoming phobias and to help boost self confidence.

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Desert Rose – Sand rose is a selenite gypsum that occurs naturally. It’s most often the combination of Selenite and Barite and forms through a process of moisture condensation. Selenite cluster together and create a mass.

Also referred to as Sand Rose, Selenite Rose or Gypsum Rose. Found in dry, desert regions, each one is said to contain a unique spirit guardian. Traditionally used as talismans for protection, overcoming phobias and to help boost self confidence. Particularly helpful for shy or timid children and teens to help them uncover and confidently express their talents.

Desert Rose (Sand rose) Selenite link to the Root and Crown Chakras helping to keep us grounded and protected from negative energy, as well as purifying our own energy. It gently teaches us that the ups and downs of life are what make life worth living and to not dwell too much on any of them, but live in the present moment.

Excellent meditation stone. Guide you in connecting to your higher self and reaching a deeper meditative state. This stone is a very strong activator of your third eye, and it will help bring your clairvoyant gifts to the fore. The energies of this stone will also strengthen your natural intuition.

It enhance your dreams and your past life recall. It will also raise your vibration so that you experience white light and work with your guardian angels! This stone will help open and clean your upper chakras and restore the balance that you may have lost. It’s a stone that will mold your character and help you grow and improve as a person. Eliminated stagnation with this stone. It will give you more motivation and initiative to pursue your goals and dreams. Also visit Crystal Healing Manual PLP43

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